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The Hype Leaderboard

The Hype Leaderboard is engaging but lacks information and has the mentality to diminish motivation in people.

While it’s clear the Hype leaderboard was used in this fashion to increase ‘grind’ causing longer play times, clearer information can be produced to increase new players joining this ‘grind’ increasing play times across a multitude of play styles targeting broader player groups across different periods of the week.

Firstly, while hype in a total amount offers insight into consistent players, it also has large variables, notably the amount of matches played influencing the result. A data point added indicating the total amount of arena matches played could further aid discussion and translate to more meaningful information when discussing top performing players on the arena leaderboard.

Furthermore, an additional two leaderboards (as tabs) showing In Two Matches and in In Five Matches would provide interesting talking points for the community.

In Two Matches

This leaderboard demonstrates a players total Hype in a two match period. An additional data point is elimination total. This Hype lasts for 48 hours before expiring. This represents an aggressive play style, rewarding eliminations creating further discussion for the community. It allows gamers something to strive for, allowing for consistent gaming sessions across week days.

In Five Matches

This leaderboard demonstrates a players total Hype in a five match period. An additional data point is average placement. This category calculates the highest Hype earned over 5 matches and lasts for 7 days before expiring to either a lower Hype amount or the Hype is beaten within 7 days. This represents a passive play style, rewarding game sense and placement, while allowing players to aim for this during extended weekend plays, at a consistent rate to prevent their Hype from falling.

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I think this would increase player count (yay fortnite) and just make Hype more meaningful.

Anyone else got any further suggestions?


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