Alternative for these Once-a-Month Questlines nobody seems to want proposal.

To begin this post, I'd like to mention this is more of a Discussion thread, but I suppose something similar to this could be implemented somewhat easily. I'm no expert when it comes to what sorta server issues something on this scale could create or anything in that domain.

The Problem

I can't be the only one who doesn't really fancy these questlines, right? You know what I'm talking about, we've been getting them for the past few months. Yarrr 2!, No Dancing!, Spies, and whatever questlines we had before them aren't really the greatest. In my opinion, they don't really offer anything substantial to the game, which is why they were made for in the first place; quick missions to keep the players busy while the developers are working on something else in the background. They were OK the first time around, but now I despise them, as it appears they're the main focus when compared to whatever else is going in the game.

The Solution? Personally, I don't know, but here's an idea to mix things up a little:

Rotating different Events in and out frequently.

You see, this isn't probably the best idea, but I'm pretty sure rotating events every week or two would be great. I've seen comments and posts asking for X or Y event to come back, why not bring all of them back? As mentioned before, every week or so, an event/mission type will rotate in and out, keeping things fresh. You could be playing Horde Bash one week, and the other you could find yourself Hitting the Road to deliver someone's song of summer to that radio station eurgh!

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What about the quests?

The respective event quests could be scaled down to accommodate for the in-and-out thing (of course, only the quests that do need it. From experience, most could be done within a day or two). These events could even run alongside whatever filler questlines are in store too!

There could also be "Universal Quests" for this, to keep things tidy, for example "Play 10 Games in Limited Time Event Modes" – if you want, you could play 10 matches of the same event, or play a few in the current one, wait for the next, so on and so forth.

Issues with this suggestion

As with every game in existence, there will be maps, weapons, gamemodes (in this case), etc. which the community won't like or like too much. There's really no way to avoid this, other than maybe creating an incentive to play said modes, maybe some quests limited entirely to one mode or week, you get the idea.


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