An inside look on why X-Ray tickets are bad for the community.

Content of the article: "An inside look on why X-Ray tickets are bad for the community."

First.. My friend wouldn't stop hassling me to make this, since I'm a founder, but. I don't really believe that holds much in this argument, but.

From what I know..

  1. X-Ray Tickets can only be used for Llamas, that's it.
  2. You cannot use them to unslot items from the collection book. Even if you had done so on accident, this includes refund tickets.

  3. There is no cross-progression between BR, and StW Players for X-Ray Tickets. Yet the V-Bucks you earn from BR carry over, while the X-Ray tickets you earn in StW do not.

  4. Using all of your X-Ray Tickets, then looking at the Llama's Category prompts you to purchase Llamas with V-bucks, and there is no confirmation option when purchasing a Llama with V-bucks, and alongside that, you cannot use Refund Tickets on accidental purchases such as this.
    You can lose upwards of 1500 V-bucks at a single purchase, on accident, or not!

  1. BR Players are discouraged to play StW because of this, as anything they earn, or even do in StW doesn't impact their experience at all, and forces them to work double-time in two modes to accomplish the same effect a single Founder would, in just one session of StW.
    Example; I do my dailies in StW. As a Founder, I'll earn 150 V-bucks, that is equal to 3 Tiers in the Battle Pass, and I don't have to touch, nor play the mode at all. Where-as Non-Founders would earn nothing In BR in terms of Experience, nor Tiers.

My Solution to this, would be..

  1. X-Ray tickets can be converted to V-Bucks, (Likely at a reduced cost, hopefully.)

  2. Instead of earning X-Ray Tickets, Players have an option to earn V-bucks, at a reduced rate.
    Ex; Instead of 150, they'd earn 75 from Dailies.

  3. X-ray Tickets become usable in BR, sharing currency as V-Bucks would, or perhaps a new 'Premium' Category, so that items within that category, could only be purchased with V-Bucks.

P.S: I actually didn't really care personally, as I'm a founder, but my friend hassled me into this.


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