Anyone interested in practicing there solo drop spot?

Hey, I did this back at World Cup times and it worked pretty well. Since FNCS is coming, and we have a completely new meta, it’s also a method to addict faster. I cannot do it anymore with my m8 as they have quit fn. What I‘m talking about is, I have a custom code and we are going to 1vs1 (1v1v1v1 or whatever) our solo drop spot in a custom arena match. We are landing 10 rounds or more at my drop spot and 10 or more rounds at your drop spot. After those rounds I‘m going to switch up enemies, so I don’t get the same routine.

There are enemies who prefer 50/50’s or looting safe and pushing after they have looted. You can choose. But the point of my system is I wanna practice my early solo spot perfectly. We fight at a realistic way kill each other and back out and start the next game. So we ONLY practice early fights. Not mid or endgame. Sure I can just grind arena, (which I’m also doing) but half of the time I‘m alone or I‘m messing up my drop, which ends up loosing points, bla bla bla you get what I wan‘t to tell you.

Hmu on Discord: SH Nacho#7146

Only play against people who have clue what they are doing. Can be toxic or not idc, helps my self confidence than lol.

@mods maybe if you guys like my idea you could figure out a system which involves this method, but much professional. For example, creating a post with a much better grammar, rules or how the „system“ works. If not it‘s also okay. 🙂 see you

Sorry for grammar I‘m german


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