Anyone looking to improve their skills should read this.

Content of the article: "Anyone looking to improve their skills should read this."

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Recently there has been some topic in other threads and I would like to put some information out there which greatly affects every ( yes, EVERY ) person. It can be a great struggle to improve your gaming abilities no matter what the game! I have a single tip that will help you greatly with almost any game, but in particular games that are greatly revolved around input delay such as fortnite. I am also going to include some feedback about edit on release as an edit post, it will be before the tldr towards the bottom.

Here is the Tip: How you press your buttons will greatly affect your gameplay abilities.

Allow me to elaborate. You are able to repeat a button press much faster if you limit how hard you press, how far you press, and how soon or long after the previous button is pressed before you execute the next command.

Where do most people go wrong? they press the button too hard. they move their finger off of the button (or too high above it after pressing it) they press the next button too soon.

How can I fix this?

press gently, barely move your finger. find the timing in-between button press which allows you to be as fast BUT accurate as possible. slow and steady wins the race. You have to start slow to become fast. There is such thing as pressing buttons too fast.

here are examples to help establish my point.

example 1. button pressing strength

think of this like pregnancy labor, or the muscle in your body. when you are in labor, the tell you to relax and breathe. this is because your body is at the most capable point of allowing the muscles to work as intended. the more relaxed you are, the less likely to mess something up.

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example 2 button pressing speed

think of this like a pipe for your toilet. if you put too much in at one time, you are going to clog the toilet. you will have to slow down and fix the problem. timing your button presses to be fast but not too fast is a very effective way to perform more actions per minute.

example 3. button pressing height/depth

think of this as 2 examples first, you have a ball. you throw the ball up, and however far up it goes is how much longer it takes to fall. if you throw it too far up, you can make it come down really fast and hard, which makes it much more difficult to catch and stop. second, the same goes for pressing the button too far down. you should only press it far enough to activate it and let up. any bit extra that you push this button down will result in lost time.

every millisecond adds up to a few extra actions, which can eventually lead to life or death situations.

thank you


Edit on Release discussion

it is not faster than double edit binds. it is more reliable and slightly slower, but not enough for the majority of players to be concerned about. it is a good option to use.

double edit binds are for the top top top number pinchers. they squeeze the last drop from the last drop. this is what double edit binds are best for.


edit on release is 1 button, 2 executes, 3 commands. executes are select, confirm on release commands are select, release, confirm if released.

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this means that you rely on processing 3 commands with 1 button. while it sounds good, you must account for the release time aswell as executing the next sequence to begin doing whatever.

with double edit binds, you are executings all 3 commands almost instantly due to the fact that you are executing confirm an entire step sooner in your process chain. edit and select can be pressed at the same time and they will instantly execute, following it with an instant confirm is basically combining 3 commands and doing them at the same exact time. grantes the input delays weigh in as a factor – you can clearly see that by pressing 3 buttons at once instead of 2 buttons at once, then the slight pause for the EOR to kick in. is much faster.

as with any given fact, pressing 2 buttons at the same time is faster than pressing the same button time.


dont press the buttons hard, dont press them down any more than needed to activate it, press stuff instantly but when spamming buttons, keep in mind that you can cancel out inputs by pressing stuff too fast. fast but paced and accurate is key.


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