Are there people who really enjoy Ventures?

Content of the article: "Are there people who really enjoy Ventures?"

I completely went through two seasons, it was incredibly boring. I can say with complete confidence that this is the worst game mode I've ever played.

For some reason, the developers decided that it would be a remarkable idea to lock players in one biome for one and a half hundred missions. Yes, I deliberately calculated that it took more than 150 missions and about 55 hours of game time to complete the second season. Why can't players earn the necessary experience in all modes, including dungeons? .. Previously, I always liked the atmosphere in Darksylvania, but now I am drawn to puke from it, because I associate it with routine and monotony.

So, what did I get in exchange for two seasons about 90 hours of my life?

– vouchers for hiring heroes that I don't need because I already have all the heroes
– weapon research vouchers, which I also don't need, because I don't need 2nd or 3rd copies of any weapon
– a bunch of amplifiers that essentially do not change anything, because 144 weapons and traps give only 14.5% increased damage; good cards do not need strengthening, and it makes no sense to pump bad ones; 144 heroes receive a 10.5% increase in abilities and gadgets and a small increase in health and shield, but do not receive a bonus to weapon damage, i.e. these amplifiers do not make sense to spend on heroes based on weapons, the scope of these amplifiers is very limited

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I think all this is complete crap, making players more and more frustrated with the game. Why was it impossible to make, for example, an interesting and very large pumping tree for these amplifiers? So that the player can choose what he needs, like the size of the backpack or additional slots? A multi-billion dollar campaign sold to the Chinese can't afford to draw one extra damn menu?

In order not to be unfounded, I will offer my vision of the seasons, which of course will never be realized, because no one cares about everything that is not related to the sale of starter kits …

– the most important thing: experience for the season should be available in all modes
– all amplifiers and other shit should be replaced with a single universal resource
– for this resource you can buy tickets for hiring heroes or researching weapons
– for this resource, you can enhance weapons, traps and heroes, but not only after level 130, but at any time, so that the bonus applies to everything including 77, 106, etc.
– for this resource, you can pump many passive skills, starting with the size of the backpack and the speed of running with a pickaxe, ending with the ability to automatically fill research squads
– a lot of useless resources including research points should be able to be exchanged for this resource, experience of survivors and everything that cannot be duplicated should also be exchangeable
– collection book levels must give the same resource
– every season a small amount of this resource must be sold in the store for gold

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