Battle Royale Chapter 2, Season 2 outfits are cool to use in Save the World (in my opinion). Here’s how you should use them…

Content of the article: "Battle Royale Chapter 2, Season 2 outfits are cool to use in Save the World (in my opinion). Here’s how you should use them…"

This post is about using cosmetic outfits acquired from other Fortnite modes in the Save the World mode. These outfits do not affect gameplay and is not a guide that will help you on the Save the World per se. It is just for those who want a more stylish look for your heroes while you play Save the World.

If you had V-bucks to spare in early 2020 and enjoyed Fortnite Battle Royale, Chapter 2, Season 2 (and its battle pass), you were treated to several cool outfits from its secret agent theme that I think, in my opinion, are interesting to use in Save the World – namely Specialist Maya, the five "elite agents", the Marvel antihero Deadpool and last but not least…some strange creature named Guff (who's not on the BP, but made his item shop in that season). While these outfits don't affect gameplay in any way, I'd like to share how I would go about using these cool outfits when I play some Save the World:

  • Agent Brutus: The first of five elite agents, he is one tough, hulking guy who uses a claw hammer and a saw-like tool as his harvesting tool. I think it's thematically fitting to use his outfit on a Constructor because of his tough appearance and how his tools are construction tools, of course.
  • Agent TNTina: The second of five elite agents, she is an explosive expert who specializes in creative destruction. She would be a fitting outfit for a Soldier.
  • Agent Meowscles: The third of five elite agents and a muscular cat-human hybrid. His tough appearance makes him a good outfit for a Constructor to wear.
  • Agent Skye: The fourth of five elite agents and an adventurous gal who is so into fantasy and never goes into action without her fluffy friend, Ollie, a mysterious creature whom her beanie transforms into. Her strong sense of adventure makes her outfit go well with Outlanders.
  • Agent Midas: The fifth of five elite agents and the head honcho of a mysterious agency who is capable of turning things to gold on contact, but such ability is more blessing than curse when he can control it. His ability to create valuable treasure also makes him a good outfit for Outlanders to wear.
  • Deadpool: A humorous antihero in Marvel Comics known for breaking the fourth wall, regeneration and mercenary skills. Because katanas are part of his famous arsenal, he would be a fun outfit to play in for a Ninja.
  • Specialist Maya: A new recruit for the Agency who is decked out in military gear, appearing as a customizable outfit for Battle Pass holders. Her combat attire would make any Soldier look good.
  • Guff: A mysterious humanoid creature that's the same species as Ollie, Agent Skye's companion, debuting in the item shop during the season. His large, imposing appearance makes his outfit a good fit for Constructors.
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Part of me wishes that these elite agents would be actual heroes in Save the World, but too bad that isn't happening…


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