Be careful what you wish for …

Content of the article: "Be careful what you wish for …"

Epic has spoken! It was nice to finally get info from them. Thank you u/Magyst.

As much as I love Jail Building & it's efficiency, I'm a little skeptical with these changes … due to past practices & Epic's track record.

Not much, in this game, has been fixed / adjusted in the past without breaking 2-3 other things/mechanics.


1) Lobber rework (caused – them to spawn more, throw beehives & damage through structures)

2) Propane rework (caused – them to spawn more, self-detonate & damage through structures; all players wanted…was for the tanks to de-spawn).

3) Smasher rework (due to killing them with Fall Damage … Epic made them impervious to almost everything & now they can run through multiple Tier 3 builds, at will.

4) Trap re-work (caused – Gas Trap nerf because they were used too much & 5x Impact Floor Launcher nerf; some great changes were made to other traps … causing those traps to be overused).

For every Great Change we received, we've gotten 2-3 awful bi-products / counters. It feels like nothing is for 'free' in StW … we can't have something positive, without a negative (or 2, or 3…) to counteract.

I hope I'm wrong & this is a smooth transition. And everyone is happy. But based on past experience, I doubt it.

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I'm calling it now!

1) That diminishing returns will affect Traps in Damage Build (that feature sounds too difficult to program).

2) Nurse Healer nerf is going to cost us (it'll probably be like Propanes & upon death they do a ridiculous, Healing Deathburst & heal everything).t

3) The Tier 5 increase will cost us. Either, traps will cost more to craft (to avoid trap spamming). Or Tier 5 will drop more, but cause lesser rarity crafting materials to drop less frequently (batteries, rough ore, NaBs, planks, resin, etc.) – to avoid lag, or some other nonsense.

P.S. I hope Epic reads this & doesn't do any of these, to spite me. Because I'm tired of getting good changes, but with negative stipulations.


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