Be the Change II – Direction of Game

Here we go again, Epic. I am reposting my dissertation and have added some new issues and suggestions. I have been a very vocal opponent of the Epic Developers and their changes with the game over the last couple seasons. It’s a new season and I think it’s time to start utilizing the great ideas of the players. We are the core group that decided to purchase this game and essentially sign-up as Beta testers. We know what we want in this game and it’s not where it’s headed. So instead of ranting (like usual, lol), I wanted to throw out some ideas of what would be decent changes. I am also reposting some of my comments that I posted in other threads. I am a 131, end game player, who’s been playing for almost 2 years. I’ve completed all SSDs from SW to TW, endurances, and I have a full set of the MSK weapons. My survivor squads are maxed with mythic leads and set bonuses for each squad is complete. Anything I suggest, is coming from my experience and my playing level, thus far.

1. Trash the laundry list of boring and tedious tasks from Twine. They’re monotonous and no one wants to finish these because….why? There’s zero incentive unless you’re a “completionist”. I haven’t even finished this never ending list…and I am a completionist.

2. Create a transitional story line from Canny to Twine and add quests, like in the other biomes. But PLEASE don’t make it like Canney (ghost town, anyone?). Allow us to finish these quests in any appropriate level mission.

3. Re-work the AFK/Leeching system to enhance and foster a cooperative team environment vs. competition. Spamming traps/abilities are a new phenomenon to combat the issue of not getting rewards in the mission. You say it’s based on your play/utility/build as a whole but it’s not. I’ve experimented with this with friends playing multiple characters in private and public matches and it comes down to combat – so please stop lying about this. And constructors will NEVER be on the same kill/combat level as a soldier or ninja. That’s not their main role. And constructors are very vital to this game, so why make this so difficult. Also, I don’t want to have to “babysit” my scores so that everyone can get the reward. That’s not part of the meta shift, is it? In addition, can you please remove the function of kicking idle players in storm shields and private matches? If I invite my husband and friends into my base and working on some builds before starting the mission, why are they getting kicked? Hell, why am “””I””” getting kicked from my own damn storm shield? Can you not code the game in a way where it functions as a separate instance when a game is private or in a storm shield?

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4. Add a new biome after Twine. For me, what’s left to do? I’ve been in Twine forever and there’s no incentive to do anything else in the game. Let’s go to the moon, to other planets…who cares. Let’s just create another world and tie it into the continuation of the story line.

5. Locker/item store – other people want this. For me, I don’t care, I am more interested in content. Also, our characters dressed up as Storm Troopers, xmas trees, bananas, etc. is going to be a little confusing. But people want it, so bring it on. But please don’t invest all your energy in this feature to just ignore REAL gameplay and functions.

  1. Create new enemies. These husks are getting stale. I think someone mentioned something about Takers actually picking you up and dropping you somewhere else. Was that a thing in the past seasons? If so, that’s sounds pretty damn fun and would really be really challenging. Bring that back.

7. Bring back the LV. 100 -116 Storm King. Give the intermediate people a chance to practice and fight the SK. The Canny one is too simple, most end game players can solo this but people in the beginning of Twine or mid-Twine would definitely benefit from this mode. And ensure the rewards are indicative of their output/mission. No one needs survivor XP at this point. Give them legendary and epic perk to roll their weapons, gold, and a choice of evolutions materials.

  1. When you get to Twine, since we’re more advanced, give up the option to pick our rewards. By this point, for the most part, Hero/Survivor/Frost-up/Fire-up are useless… let us choose what we want as a reward. I know for myself, I am leveling up, gold-rolling, and perking my weapons and traps. Therefore, let me choose materials that would help further this along.

  2. Fix the major bugs. Of course, we’re going to run into visual bugs but major bugs are still a serious issue with this game. This includes not being able to utilize the “options” button in-game to report bugs (very ironic, eh?), on many elimination and collect missions the timer never starts, being spawned right in the middle of an encampment or on the cliff of the map or in a hill or a wall, lagging, PC audio going out and having to restart the game in order to restore sound. Those should be priority number 1. And we’re still being spawned UNDER the map.

  3. Create “missions” or worlds in which people can trade, perhaps Resupply missions. And in all other real missions, disallow this option. I don’t know how we can go about this. Maybe others have a solution. I just know that I hate being pestered for guns/stuff. I’ve been boxed in and harassed and had to leave missions for this reason. I will never understand this.

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10.5 And speaking of Resupply missions, can you please turn off the damn storm? I mean, it’s meant for resourcing, right? Who’s bright idea was it to add a storm and encampments every 2 steps? Encourage farming in these areas with double, triple materials and parts. This may alleviate farming and objective-ignoring in other missions.

  1. Do not allow anyone under any circumstance to be “taxi’ed” or carried” into the MSK if they are under PL 122 and haven’t completed their 5 SSDs. This includes private matches too. These were your rules and they should be enforced even in private matches. Because low levels are completely and utterly useless in these matches.

  2. We need and REQUIRE communication from you. 75% of the complaints and anger could be alleviated with a little bit of MEANINGFUL communication. This means a roadmap, forum, AMA, and ACTIVE community managers. This means communicating bad news. We would rather hear bad news (nerfs, delays, bugs) from YOU, rather than finding out ourselves with radio silence from you all.

  3. Create an ever-changing (seasonal) gauntlet for end players. HEAR ME OUT! This would only include 131 players for a “We are the Champions” prize pack. All other levels would be locked out.

REQUIREMENTS PL 131 40 completed SSDs (SW to TW) 6-10 players in one match (can be randoms or invite friends)

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MISSION -The upper level would have different levels (3 total) to include a mix of Eliminate and Collect, Atlas and Defense, Maze runs (think labyrinth), Build the Radar, and some fetch quest situations. -90-120 minutes -the lower level would include a 140 dungeon like the grotto with 4 mini-bosses -the final level would include a 140 storm king with special modifier

REWARDS -a special emote that only will be given to these players – using, “We are the champions” as a theme song. -a special icon/banner -a special gauntlet weapon (NOT A BOW) that can’t be traded or dropped -mythic survivor/hero of our choice -5000 gold -2000 tickets -other choice rewards (enough epic and legendary perk-up to roll 1 weapon)

  1. Please create a new biome. The moon, under the sea, the land before time…it doesn’t matter. Make it exciting, dynamic, challenging, and fun!


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