Beginner’s Guide To Creating Viable Hero Loadouts…

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Hello, everyone. I want to write a very general and broad bullet-point style list for how to make decent hero loadouts. I may not have really touched half the classes (I 90% of the time run Soldier, and run Constructor the other 10%,) but I feel like this is a pretty handy guide to everyone regardless of what class they choose.

  • Most Subclasses Are Designed To Work Well In Loadouts For Certain Classes. Pretty self-exclamatory; About 90% of the heroes in the game right now buff the class abilities that heroes can have up to three out of five of (In the case of Outlanders, three out of four) and many of them work well supporting a commander who shares a class with them. Especially with how some are designed to buff class perks, which are special perks intrinsic to all heroes of a certain class. The TL;DR for this bullet point is in 90% of all circumstances, you want Soldiers in your support if your commander is a Soldier, Outlanders if your commander is an Outlander, etc.
  • Some Heroes Can Work In Any Build Regardless Of Class Choice. There are some heroes that are just really good support regardless of what build you intend to run, and these heroes are typically a solid boost to a specific stat or gives a secondary buff that works for any hero. For example, Survivalist Jonesy allows gives you a regenerative buff every time you kill a husk, and he's a no brainer in any loadout because of that. Tricera Ops Ramirez also can help keep your health up with a 2%-6% of your max health regen every five seconds. Weapons Specialists like Rescue Trooper Ramirez can work in any loadout if you prefer the weapon they specialize in.
  • Don't Waste Slots On Energy Heroes. By "energy hero" I mean "heroes whose main perk is giving an energy cost reduction to X ability," heroes like Miss Bunny Penny, Striker AC, etc. See, because every ability is on a cooldown, the energy you used to activate the ability will have almost certainly regenerated by the time the cooldown is over. Energy Heroes DO have a purpose when it comes to Heavy Melee Attack Spamming because that costs energy and is not on a cooldown like class abilities, but there are better builds to invest in for the most part.
  • Specialization Is Almost Always Better Than Being A Jack Of All Trades. Again, self-exclamatory. Works within the first point, but with that in mind, it's almost always better to focus on one ability with a build rather than trying to pick up bonuses for all 3 class abilities your commander can potentially have. For example, a good Goin Commando build has at least 3 Soldiers who center around Goin Commando. a good BASE build has as many Constructors who can increase the capabilities of The BASE as possible.
  • Know Your Team Perks! Team perks can make or break a build, and heroes required to activate certain team perks that require specific hero sets will greatly benefit from having that team perk. For example, Blast From The Past is a team perk that doubles your health, but reduces your shields to zero. The Heroes needed to activate it either benefit from having the most possible health, or their perks only apply when you have no shields.
  • Most Importantly, Have Fun, And Experiment! Self-exclamatory. Most of the "meta" builds are designed to work in Twine Peaks. Anything other than that tends to be forgiving and allows you to build loadouts for and by you, in any way you feel like would work for any given mission. So take the knowledge I hopefully imparted on you and experiment. Who knows? You might find a new meta and be able to enjoy that.
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