Best Comp Metas ATM?

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In my grind for champs i have found some interesting metas and i think they should be made known!

1 AUG: purple, gold or mythic bursts are actually the most broken AR's right now if you have good aim, the zoom factor, lack of bloom and burst mode made it so easy to get free beams or even kills. Sometimes if you time your burst with the health of somebodies wall, you can get free tags through it (kinda like double heavy snipe)

2 Crash Pad Exploits: once you get your free beam with your aug, All the different methods to exploit in with crash pads leave your opponent clueless and lost inside their own box giving you the most free kill of your life. 100T MrSavage uses the diagonal crashpad exploit during fncs opens and qualled in 2 games. 5 -7 kills both games.

3 Forget the drumgun: We all loved the overpowered lazer known as the drumgun. That is satire of course, the only time it was good was when you were in possession of it, otherwise it was just controller players in your face, since then, it was heavily nerfed and using scars is actually more effective. Gold scars doing 36/59 and the drumgun doing 23/50.

4 Shockwave/Grappler: Which one is better? IMO, grapple for these reasons: free rotates at no cost, infinite uses, no fall damage, and free height. now yes grappler doesnt get you free kills, and wins but it can completely unscuff your game and you'll never run out of rockets to get around. Since the charged is so OP when used correctly, you dont need vault to get wkey kills with a purple charge when a green one can hit for 100+. In conclusion, The shockwave is good for being a cheap shitter that is frowned upon but on the real, it simply has less pros than cons, most players cant time a shot to save them from fall damage, limited uses and you can get fryed so easily with all the softaimers out there and if you get it and use it anytime before first moving you will get lobby focused while grappler wont. So since everybody wants shockwave, go for grappler instead because on the lowkey its so much better.

if you have more please put them in the comments, im very curious.

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