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So for those who haven't checked her out, Gumshoe is one of the heroes in the Art Deco Llama. Her perk increases damage of Fragment Abilities by 30% and in command, grants a 33% chance to not consume a fragment.

Her command perk seems pretty worthless so I wanted to focus on the support perk. That perk itself seems pretty damn solid and could really amp up the damage from TEDDY and Shock Tower builds but the question is, where do you fit her in the builds? She's gotta replace someone and I'm stumped as to who she should replace.

For context, here's my two builds:


Command: Enforcer Grizzly (TEDDY duration)

TP: Happy Holidays

Supports: Crossbones Barrett (Coconut healing), Ventura Ramirez (TEDDY range and increased damage based on range from TEDDY), Fragment Flurry Jess (Fragments on eliminations), Jilly Teacup (Guaranteed crit on new targets) and Trailblazer Quinn (TEDDY damage).

Now, I'm thinking Ventura Ramirez could be replaced with Gumshoe in that build because that's a flat 30% damage increase vs a situational maximum of 40% the damage loss of 10% seems negligible but I'd love to know what people think here.

Shock Tower

Command: Shock Specialist AC (Shock Tower damage)

TP: Happy Holidays (changing to Pre-Emptive Strike once Raven comes out again)

Supports: Trailblaster AC (Shock Tower duration), Shockblaster Buzz (Shock Tower impact), Fragment Flurry Jess (Fragments on elimination), Wild Fragment Deadeye (Shock Tower deals Affliction damage) and Crossbones Barrett (Cocount healing).

I've got absolutely no idea who to switch out on this build. I've considered either Wild Fragment Deadeye or Trailblaster AC, leaning towards Trailblaster seeing as the extra 0.5 seconds seems almost negligible. Any thoughts on who Gumshoe could replace here, if at all?

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She seems like a pretty good hero for both TEDDY and Shock tower and she has both of those abilities so could go hybrid herself but I'd love to see what people think about her and whether she's able to fit into either build.


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