Changes to Make The Fortnite Season 3 Competitive Scene Perfect (Arena/Competitive Playlists Only):

Content of the article: "Changes to Make The Fortnite Season 3 Competitive Scene Perfect (Arena/Competitive Playlists Only):"


  1. Reduce Grenade Stacking
    1. Spawns in Stacks of 2
    2. Can Only Hold 4 Grenades Maximum

This change is to prevent grenade stacking full trios as each person cannot throw 2 (a stack of 6), if reduced to 4, grenades can still be a viable option but not overkill as we currently see in scrim matches.

  1. Lower The Spawn of Snipers
    1. Reduce chance of both Bolt and Hunting Rifles spawning in Chests

The beginning of every game should be more fair, and not depend on luck. Hunting Rifles and Bolt Sniper Rifles give you very little to no chance of coming out top in a fight.

  1. Lower the Magazine Size of Purple and Gold SMGs (P90’s)
    1. 35 Magazine Size to 32/30

Like most other guns, the clip size stays the same even during the higher variants of it. That being said, the magazine size of the Purple and Gold SMG is too large and causes players to abuse the gun.

  1. Put timers on Jule’s Grappler and Kit’s Shockwave Launcher
    1. Infinite Ammo/Uses (Shockwave Launcher)
    2. Can only use once every 30 seconds

Similar to last season’s boom bow, and this season's chug jug, there should be a loading phrase on these items. Mostly because people spam them too fast and it overall makes them extremely overpowered.

  1. Reduce Flopper/Slurp Fish Stacking
    1. Can Only Hold 3 Floppers Maximum
    2. Can Only Hold 2 Slurp Fish Maximum

Playing outside the storm and winning in heal offs due to fish is talentless and with this addition less people would do just that. Less flopper players and more real building.

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  1. Lower Marauders Spawning/Music
    1. Groups of 2 for Solos
    2. Groups of 3 for Duos
    3. Groups of 4 for Trios
    4. Groups of 5 for Squads
    5. Lower overall Spawn Rate
    6. Quieter Music

Marauders are extremely frustrating to deal with when fighting other players, and at some points it feels like playing a PVE game rather than a PVP game. These changes will make things feel a bit more balanced.

  1. Lower Shark Spawn Rate
    1. Less Percentage of Them Spawning
    2. Quieter Music

There are way too many of them and it is a bit annoying when they do not do much other than break builds and be loud. No one uses them or kills them, perhaps have them drop heals and be less damage to kill?


  1. Increase Tactical Shotgun Headshot Multiplier
    1. Change from 1.5x to 1.8x

Although it used to be 2x, changing it to 1.8x will balance it out more and reward more precise shots when using the tactical shotgun.

  1. Increase Fire Damage
    1. Change 1 damage per hit to 2 damage per hit.

This may actually get these items to be used more (Firefly/Flare Guns), as they are currently underused and help destroy builds.

  1. Increase Reboot Cards Times
    1. Change from 90s to 100s

Fighting in competitive is more drawn out than any other game mode, that being said, reboot cards should have a higher time to them.


  1. Remove Temporary Immunity From Down but Not Out Players

In end game situations, waiting the extra second to finish an opponent could mean life or death. That being said, having knocked players have no immunity will make things go more smoothly.

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  1. Storm Surge Damage
    1. 20 Damage Instead of 25

Players taking 25 damage at the end of the game is sometimes a death sentence. Although it is easier to out heal, less heals further into the game will cause more deaths. More fights and less dying to a game mechanic.

  1. Fix The Glider Bug

Unfortunately, people gliding will still sometimes not be able to move, which is a death sentence in fortnite end games. It’s been in the game for way too long Epic.

  1. Add Charge Shotguns to Creative

In order for players to practice, adding charge shotguns will not only let professionals improve with it, but also let new and younger players learn more techniques themselves.

  1. Revamp Arena
    1. Demoting System
    2. Awards in Higher Leagues
    3. Leaderboard System

If a player loses too many points or does not play for (x) amount of days, they will be demoted to a lower league. Furthermore, the Champions Leagues should give out cash awards weekly to its top players and have a leaderboard system showing the top players.

Hope everyone enjoys the read! Thinking about doing a Part 2 for Vaults/Unvaults, let me know!


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