Chapter 2: Season 3 – What’s new on the island?

Content of the article: "Chapter 2: Season 3 – What’s new on the island?"

Welcome r/FortniteBR! Season 3 is here! πŸ”±

In order to keep the sub clutter free, and help users find the content they're looking for quickly, here is a list of threads on various topics relating to the new season! Please keep all discussions regarding these topics within the following threads. All new threads will be removed as a duplicate post. Rules still apply to comments, necessary actions will be given to users that break those rules.

Announcement Trailer 🎬

Battle Pass Trailer 🎬

Bugs and Unannounced Changes Megathread

Chat about Season 3 in the r/FortniteBR Discord

New TUTORIAL flair added to the subreddit

Notice regarding datamines

For clarity, we will no longer be posting datamines during downtime and throughout the lock of the sub. However, we will not be restricting users from posting their own datamines. After we unlock the sub users are free to post any datamined content and we will approve the first high quality posts. Any posts that do not follow other rules will be removed, this includes duplicate posts.

Gameplay changes (Spoilers!)


  • Season 3 is scheduled to end August 26
  • Locked items are hidden from the Locker
  • Season 3 Achievement Cheat Sheet

Weapons and Items

  • New: Season 3 Umbrella
  • New: Build-A-Brella of your own!
  • New: Charged Shotgun
  • Unvaulted: Hunting Rifle, also now in Epic rarity
  • Unvaulted: Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
  • Unvaulted: Chug Jugs, now regenerate
  • Unvaulted: Chug Splashes
  • Unvaulted: Stink Bombs
  • Unvaulted: Compact SMG
  • Adjusted: Tactical Shotgun
  • Vaulted: Pump Shotgun
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  • The map is half flooded after the Season 2 live event
  • New: The Agency is now The Authority
  • New: There are whirlpools
  • New: There are sharks
  • Adjusted: Campfires can burn you if you stand on them


  • As posts arrive today, links will be put here

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