Character Animation recognition to identify your timing

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For things beyond just an edit, such as how you build stuff simultaneously or swap guns.

when you try to do an invisible build in creative – try to keep the bar 1 < 145 > instead of 1 < 150 >

animation wise, you can tell the pencil is yellow and comes down to the bottom right area.

when the timing gets done correctly, you'll transition to the shaded/black pencil type animation. it'll eventually look like you have your builds out when done right using a pickaxe for spam edits. the point of this is timing, not the fact that you can easily pull your builds out and probably have an easier time with it. settling for the easier method is why alot of people don't improve on this type of thing. Confirm edit on release is usually why alot of people mess it up, because of how soon button needs to start coming back up to recognize your confirm. it's such a hair line that it's easy to have a make or break point. this is that point for most. overcome this timing, precision, speed, and you can begin to incorporate it into general gameplay. Some people, it makes them more comfortable with mechanics easier. some people it helps to fine tune their speed and accuracy of physically using their equipment. everyone uses different equipment per say – so you cant teach something that you have to learn on your own. but i'm hoping to help show that it is possible – to teach someone how to teach themself something that they dont know how to do, didn't know they could do.

Edit: I'd like to capitalize on how this can tie into something like building. when you reduce the time between editing a wall, and placing your next tunnel – or placing your tunnel then editing out – you'll slowly realize that you can identify your crosshair tracking a bit better. now this ~half second-ish gain added to every single tunnel will eventually add up. say you did 4 1×1 tunnels, incorporating this – at the end of the day, you gained say ~2 seconds-ish. that's 2 secondish that you coulda swiped the crosshair for better placement, aligned up your headshot a little better, and popped off the 220 a split second before them. given ping factors in – those with lower ping are gonna gain another benefit. not only is the better ping increasing the speed which stuff processes, and giving you more opportunity to shoot first. but this added split second that you learned how to get, just gave you an advantage if the other person was equal skill and equal ping, and if they were better skill but just a little extra ping, you might even make a non- 50/50 into a 50/50 just because your reaction time offsets that difference. likely being less than greater, but entirely possible.

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Edit 2: pressing buttons at almost the same exact time, physically – is something that will always need improvement. Expanding beyond doing it for just 1 specific thing such as editing, is where overall muscle memory will begin to excel at a much faster pace. Find enjoyable methods to improve this aspect. Your morale will thank you later.

Video 1

EDIT: Added a part 2

This video identifies the timing of how I press my buttons together to increase muscle memory efficiency. This is an example from invisible builds – which incorporates more on the overall importantance of fine-tuning how you press your buttons, and identifying differences.

Lets take this edit for example: when you use confirm edit on release such as me – you struggle with the release time delay from the button coming up in order to input the command. to counteract, the more hair-trigger / feather-tap you can improve at – the overall your precision and reaction time and speed will improve alongside it. Beyond that comes other aspects that open up in ways.

How to identify the right stuff by using a pickaxe instead of having your builds out for example.

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Watch as the pencil is shown, and does a motion similar to a small line – or check mark. its only for a brief moment, only happens a few times back to back. ok so now you see the pencil and the motion – a small little line motion. During this time if you go back on the video again – you'll see that during the same time frame the pickaxe swings the same exact motion/direction, almost at the right time in between each swipe. You'll also see the yellow from the build show up across the screen – more structure starts to actually glitch, as youll notice the floor at one point and the darkness of it. Now – back to the pencil. The motion is almost identical to having your builds out, and spam editing that way. however – by adapting to the input timing and physically adapting this into your muscle memory – you begin to line up the inputs at the same exact time – at the same exact pace – pressing light as possible on your keys. This animation motion being the same for pickaxe and builds both – is difficult but can be done as long as you work on it.

some kind of rhythm – visual or physical. click your tongue while your mouth closed – is a great way to set your rhythm without anyone even really noticing it. just tap your tongue on the roof of your mouth over and over to find a good tempo. make your fingers follow the tempo too. maybe swipe your mouse down a little when you do an edit, so you can indirectly tell your finger not to press any more than it has to, itll move the mouse away from the direction you are trying to press the button, and help keep you from jabbing it. it'll help tidy up that little bit of resistance/force.

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