Class Idea (though i know it will never happen)

Class: Support; specializes in boosting and assisting teammates.


  1. Shield Bubble – BR/Creative Shield Bubble but with infinite duration and HP instead, should be between a T3 Stone and T3 Metal wall. You should spawn with 2 charges (max), a charge will regenerate after 25 eliminations, and there's a 3 second cooldown between placements.
  2. Bandage Bazooka – BR/Creative Bandage Bazooka with 10 shots that heal for 10% of a player's health each. Can be activated and deactivated with the same button, and will only go into its full cooldown of 90 seconds if fully used before deactivation, otherwise the cooldown should be determined based on the amount of remaining shots.
  3. Combat Beacon – Places a beacon that increases all weapon damage by 50%, increases fire rate by 40%, and increases weapon stability by 30% in a 2 tile radius from the beacon. By default, the beacon will last 90 seconds. If affecting one player, its lifespan is not affected, but its lifespan will be depleted 5% faster for each additional player that it affects. Recharge time of 60 seconds.
  4. Orbital Strike – Press the ability's button to equip a pair of thermal binoculars. While the binoculars are equipped, you can mark up to 5 enemies. Mark enemies by tracking them for 2 seconds and pressing your "Fire" button. The ability can be cancelled at any time by pressing the ability's button again before marking a target, and pressing the same button after marking at least 1 enemy as a target will trigger the strike. A satellite above the zone will send out 5 missiles to the enemies that you marked (distributed between them if less than 5 were marked), and each missile will deal 5x the amount of damage as an Airstrike bomb. Recharge time of 90 seconds.
  5. Field Medic – Summon a rescued survivor from your Homebase to revive downed teammates. Field Medic will advance from your position to the nearest teammate at 1.25x your running speed. This will take 2x longer than a normal revive, but they will be shielded from all incoming damage and can revive multiple teammates at a time so long as they're within a 0.25 tile radius of the medic when they begin reviving the first teammate. Recharge time of 120 seconds.
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Like with other classes, there will only be 3 of these abilities available to a given hero in this class.

Class Perks:

  • Live to fight another day – Grants 25% armor to nearby (3-tile radius) teammates and multiplies all healing rates by 1.25 within the same radius. This perk excludes other members of the Support class.
  • Get to cover – Decreases all of the Support class member's damage output by 15% and increases health of all players and player-built structures by 15%.

Possible Commander/Support perks:

  • Slurp Bazooka – Converts the Bandage Bazooka into a slurp bazooka, healing both health and shield at the same time (Commander: Adds a 5% speed increase on contact)
  • Mini Storm Shield – Converts the Shield Bubble into a miniature Storm Shield, stopping every evil thing from getting through. 25% less HP than the Shield Bubble (Commander: Only 10% less HP than the Shield Bubble)
  • Bandage Blaster – Increases healing done by the Bandage Bazooka by 5% (Commander: 15% increase instead of 5%, and decreases the max cooldown to 60 seconds)
  • Patrol Ward – Replaces the Combat Beacon with the Patrol Ward, deterring any and all husk patrols away from its position for 90 seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds (Commander: Increases duration to 120 seconds)
  • Field Surgeon – Decreases the time it takes for the Field Medic to revive a teammate down to 1.5x that of a normal revive (Commander: Increases the Field Medic's movement speed to 1.5x your running speed)
  • No More Mr. Nice Missile – Replaces the Orbital Strike's missiles with a single 8-tile wide laser beam that lasts for 10 seconds and does the same amount of damage as all 5 missiles spread out across its 10 second lifespan. (Commander: Changes damage type to Energy and deals 10% more damage to enemies, but also does 10% of its damage to teammates caught in the blast zone)
  • License To Peel – Replaces the Bandage Bazooka with a Banana Gun. Banana Gun shoots piercing bananas that do the same damage to enemies as a single Lefty and Righty shot and can go through multiple targets, whether that be a line of teammates wanting healing or a line of husks that really want to be turned into purple dust. (Commander: Increases healing done to teammates with Banana Gun by 15% and decreases damage done to enemies by 10%)
  • Catching Zs – Sleeping husks can be convinced to turn on their fellow husks and fight for the Homebase, with only a 34% chance of failure and the husk turning into a miniboss that doesn't drop rewards. (Commander: failure rate decreased to 15%, and turncoat husks gain player-like speed and damage output)
  • Engineering Genius – Increases all buffs granted by the Combat Beacon by 10% (Commander: Increases all buffs granted by the Combat Beacon by 20% while increasing it's recharge time to 70 seconds)
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BR Characters that could be turned into the first Heroes in this class:

  • Waypoint (Patrol Ward)
  • Remedy (Bandage Blaster)
  • Rippley (Slurp Bazooka)
  • Peely (License To Peel)
  • Stratus (Mini Storm Shield)
  • Onesey (Catching Zs?)
  • Jules (Engineering Genius)
  • The Paradigm (No More Mr. Nice Missile)
  • Field Surgeon (Field Surgeon, of course)

yeah i know it'll never happen, but a homie can dream


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