Collegiate Fortnite is a Joke

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Long story short, collegiate Fortnite events are filled with cheating and the companies running them are doing almost nothing to prevent it. If you don’t know what collegiate fortnite is, it is essentially tournaments that are only available to college students. Currently events are primarily run by two companies which are AVGL and PlayVS. Below each will be discussed separately.

The main issue:

The primary issue with these collegiate events is that there is nearly nothing stopping people from playing on other people’s accounts or playing under other people’s names. There have already been multiple instances of people cheating ruining tournaments yet players aren’t getting banned and there are no significant rule changes to stop it from happening again. Most of this information gathered is about PlayVS due to them having more events, however, we will start with AVGL due to the finals of one of their events being later today.


Currently AVGL is hosting a 2 day event called Autumn Anarchy with a 10k prize pool which is still currently running and concludes tomorrow. In this event teams are supposed to be all students that attend that same university. About a week before the event started, a rule was added saying that if you can not find people from your college for your team you can randomly be assigned a player from a different college who also can’t find teammates. The team that got first place in the qualifier for the event is one of these teams and has players from three different colleges. However, looking at the player’s fortnite trackers you can see that these players have played other fortnite tournaments in the past showing that the rule can be easily abused to play the event with anyone you want that goes to any college.

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Links: Leaderboard:

Screenshot of leaderboard since it will most likely w be removed once finals starts:

Fortnite tracker of one of the players:

Example of two of the players playing an event together over 5 months ago: S12_CCV2_Contenders_NAE_Round1_Event6&page=38#3874


PlayVS is currently running a collegiate league with multiple qualifiers over multiple weeks leading up to their grand finals with a $125k prize pool . In the past, they also ran an event with a $5000 prize pool. In this event, the second place team, Vanish Zito and Ch1merican, were caught cheating and disqualified with Ch1merican having another person play on his account. They were caught due to Ch1merican all of a sudden starting to play games controller after never having played any games on it according to his fortnite tracker. After this you would think they would be banned, however Zito is still allowed to play in PlayVS events currently.

The next team is the trio of Inceptism, ya fatha prospect, and mcorr. People were suspicious of this team after they won a qualifier and seeing that ya fatha prospect’s account had a lifetime time played of 4 hours . Server replays are available for this tournament and it was very clear that this person had played more than 4 hours. Essentially this person was on an alternate account. When asked about it they said they were in fact playing on an alternate account and gave the name of their main account, which also had very little time played recently. However, someone found a vod streamed by another player in the tournament named chemizztry. In his vod he is talking to ya fatha prospect and you can hear him say he signed up under another person’s name. When sent to PlayVS staff they said the team was planning to cheat but never did and that epic said they weren't cheating. However chemizztry also streamed the second day of the event, once again talking to ya fatha prospect where you can hear the same kid on the account. When this was sent to staff the clip was ignored and the team was never banned. Since the report the vod is no longer however linked below is cached data from google so you can see that these vods at least existed. Also, chemizztry wasn’t in college either.

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The next team is the trio of Control, Harsh, and Harmony. Someone pointed out that Control had played a different collegiate event with a player named havoc who seemed to be in high school . On havoc’s twitter he had tweets asking the ACT twitter account for help and tweets about being in class even though his university shouldn't have had classes start for another month. On top of this Harmony’s account name at the time was Heavy marauder and Havoc’s account name was Assault marauder and except for once, the only time control played regular, in game events with his other collegiate teammate, Harsh, outside of PlayVS was with havoc as their third. Also, on days of collegiate events havoc's account has activity right before every event but goes inactive once the event starts. The pastebin that was sent to the PlayVS staff is attached below and contains more information and relevant links .



Google chemizztry Link: ei=4DyVX5SyLIS2swWCqaDoCQ&q=warm+up+for+the+PLAY+VS+COLLEGE+turny+%28ope ns%29+-+Chemizztry+on+Twitch&oq=warm+up+for+the+PLAY+VS+COLLEGE+turny+%28ope ns%29+-+Chemizztry+on+Twitch&gs_l=psy-ab.3…4047.4585.0.4752.…. 0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.0.0….0.D7S0o93hOSo

Vod of CStarLeague where Control and Havoc played together:


Note: you can see a previous name of an account by looking at the leaderboard of an event they played in when their account was named differently.

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At the moment these are the player's fortnite trackers, these links may not work in the future if they change their in game names.

Ya fatha prospect’s fortnite tracker:

Inceptism’s fortnite tracker:

Mcorr’s fortnite tracker:

Havocs fortnite tracker:

Controls fortnite tracker:

Harsh’s fortnite tracker:

Harmony’s fortnite tracker:


You would think after all of these situations something would be done to prevent cheating especially when considering the absurd prize pools. To put it into perspective, there are about 240 trios that have competed so far in the qualifier which is 720 players. Given the 125k prize pool this means there is about $173 of funding per player participating which is absurd. The last place team in the finals of this event will win more money than the last place team in grand finals of NA-West trio FNCS. These are only some of the many examples of suspicious activity of teams, hopefully something changes given these high stakes.

Lastly, once again, thank you to everyone who helped contribute to this.


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