Community Games Open! Vbuck and Brick prizes – CODE: redditroyale – REGION: NAE

Hello Everyone,

It is time for some more community games!

You are now able to queue for this round of community reddit games. Please ensure that your region is set to NAE, game mode is solos and you enter the custom code redditroyale.

Custom Game Info:

Region: NAE

Game Mode: Solo

We will be posting next game updates in the Discord which you can also join for game discussion. If we fill the lobby before the set start time (7PM EST) we will not be starting early; If the total queue is over 100, the game randomizes who gets in. If you do not get in, queue for the next game for a chance to play.

There will be 3 games, and we will be waiting to fill out the lobby. Our discord server will be used as well for communication. Judgement calls may be made to start early or later depending on how quickly the lobby fills.

You can join the reddit mods stream HERE (there will be a 90 second delay on the stream)


Each game:

1st place – $10 V-bucks and 1,000 Bricks

2nd place – $10 V-Bucks

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3rd place – $10 V-Bucks

Mod Bounty:

Each game, if you are the one to eliminate the Mod account "FortniteBRMod", you can win additional prizes.

Game 1: $10 V-Bucks

Game 2: $10 V-Bucks

Game 3: $25 V-Bucks

If the mod account wins or places in any of the games, there is no prize for that given place/bounty, and they will be saved for future events. Additionally, other mods who queue and get in game may also prevent the prizes above if they place or defeat the main mod account

Prize Eligibility Details and Information

  • You must NOT have streamer mode enabled. If you win a prize, it will be forfeited, as we cannot confirm the account.

  • A screenshot will be required of you logged into the account if you are a winner.

  • All winners MUST supply an email.

  • The Reddit Account used to claim MUST be at least 60 days old.

A summary will be updated on the post confirming the Epic Names of all the winners. You must send a Modmail containing:

  • Your Epic Account Name

  • Your email

  • What Game and prize you won

  • Screenshot of you logged into the game

If you are a Vbuck award winner – please designate the platform you wish to receive a digital code for. Vbuck cards do not have digital codes, so we will send a platform currency card worth the amount to you with the email provided. Eligible currency cards are for Playstation Store, Xbox Store, iOS, Google Play, Nintendo Online, and PC. For PC, it will be a scratch off Vbucks card sent via video to you, or the prize money through PayPal.

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For Brick awards – you must have your Vault setup. See this post if you are not aware about our Bricks program.

Prize Disclaimer:

The moderator team does not benefit or have any financial gain from these giveaway prizes; they do not represent the moderator team or Epic Games. All prizes were purchased using funds raised from our Special Membership Program, or through our Bricks Program.


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