Completed ventures. I’m not sure if anyone needs my review, but I’ll leave it anyway.

Content of the article: "Completed ventures. I’m not sure if anyone needs my review, but I’ll leave it anyway."

Completed ventures. I'm not sure if anyone needs my review, but I'll leave it anyway.

Briefly about myself: Zones completed: 4000+, Days Logged In: 1000+.

Mostly I liked it, but I absolutely don't want to do the same in September.

The main points I don't like:

– The vast majority of enemies are fiery. This makes half of the weapon useless. It's not interesting at all. Next season it will be even worse if we get water enemies and the need not to build from stone, and missions will be somewhere in the forests.

– A very small selection of weapons, which becomes even worse due to the fact that we do not need electric weapons. All I did was constantly looking for where to buy a musical hammer, which in 2/3 of the cases fell out with the fire element. I believe that all weapons should be available.

– It's not interesting to play with weapons without perks, especially in close combat. All weapons from the very beginning must have 6 perks. Or at least 6 perks should be 0 like on dark metal weapons.

– The weapon repair system should require such an amount of resources that corresponds to its deterioration, and should also allow partial repair of the weapon if the resources are not enough for a complete repair. This should be an interesting part of the gameplay, not an annoying one.

– One main biome for an event its bad. It's great to play only in the desert, because this is the most beautiful and detailed biome, the rest are worse in quality. Constantly playing in other biomes will be tiresome.

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– The awards are absolutely not interesting. Hero recruitment vouchers? Thanks, now I have them 9. Weapon Research Vouchers? Not sure if I want another copy of any of the weapons. Consumables are not an interesting reward. Also, beginners cannot take advantage of everything above level 30.

Each season must have at least one interesting unique item (not Dennis). Here's what I suggest:

– defender, once this was already in the game

– survivors with new bonuses, for example, increasing the durability of weapons, or with the ability to activate the bonus on their own for use in 3 + 3 + 1 schemes

– weapons, if not new unique, then at least a variant of the old one, for example, with the ability to change perks for free or a unique 6 perk

– more interesting upgrades for weapons, for example, allowing you to always change perks in the selected weapon for free

– useful things for the account, for example, inventory and warehouse slots

– banner, I hate banners, but I know that many people want and collect them


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