Correct me if I’m wrong, but Survivor set bonuses aren’t just misleading now, they straight up aren’t working anymore?

So, among the more dedicated players, it's been well known for a long time that the survivor set bonus descriptions are complete bogus, where "supposedly" getting "5%" ability power actually translates to just getting 5 tech in your FORT stats. Whilst this is complete bs and just serves to make an already convoluted system worse, we've all just kind of accepted this to be the case. But today whilst playing around with my survivors, I noticed we seemingly don't even get the FORT stats anymore?

On this first image, you'll see that I'm currently sitting at 3504 tech, whilst also having a survivor bonus on tech, so far so good!

Mmm, tech!

On this next image, you see me intentionally breaking the the set bonus. Now, the expectation here would be that my tech drops by 5, right? But, it doesn't actually change anything! This would imply the set bonus is nothing more than an illusion and a slap in the face to people who spend time collecting the correct survivors.

Greatest anime betrayal of all time?

This last image is simply to showcase that this isn't just the interface being dysfunctional. I've instead moved to a tech squad, where removing a 153 survivor does correctly display my tech dropping by 153, but… The 5 tech from the set bonus is still nowhere to be found.

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Where did all my tech go? 🙁

All of this is really just a testament to how pointless this entire system is, even when it breaks no one seem to notice because the impact is so small and insignificant that people don't really care. There's a reason a lot of players stack the trap durability bonus, because it's the only one that actually does something significant.

Honestly, the best and most realistic option at this point is to just scrap the set bonus system entirely, it exist only to be a convoluted mess that intimidates and confuses new players, and to be mostly ingored by experienced players, except the 1 set bonus that's actually do something.

Now, before all the people who got trap durability survivors start screaming at me, the removal of set bonuses should obviously be accompanied with a baseline increase to trap durability to compensate for the removal. I'd personally suggest a 150-200% increase, since most dedicated players already run 4/2 or 6/2 trap durability in their squads resulting in a total of 128-192% trap durability.

I'm going to wait for people to confirm I'm not crazy and missing something here, then I'll tag u/Magyst so this issue can hopefully be addressed.


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