Do You Guys Think Epic will ever add Central Servers?

Content of the article: "Do You Guys Think Epic will ever add Central Servers?"

Hey, so I know there are probably a lot of high ping posts on this thread and it might get super repetitive, but instead of just spamming add this server or add that server, I want to ask you guys about your experience related to your in game connection. Now obviously, everyone knows that lower ping is better and will make your game feel much smoother. But I have a few more questions and I want to ask you guys if you think Epic will ever add more servers to the game (or communicate with AWS to work on that together).

1) What is your ping in game, where do you live in relation to your server (I don't need an address, just let me know what state or how many miles you live from your server, and you can feel free to leave this part out if you don't feel comfortable sharing it).

2) Do you use a fiber optic connection?

3) Have you ever switched from non fiber optic to a fiber optic connection, and if so, how has that affected your ping?

4) Do you think Epic will ever implement or work with AWS to implement more game servers?

5) Have you ever tried both high (50+, remember we are talking about competitive gameplay here) and low (<30) ping in game, and how drastic of a difference do you think there is between the two?

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6) How many of you feel, or know you are held back by your ping, and you could be a substantially better player or even play professionally if you had a server closer to you so you could get better ping?

Thanks for taking the time to read and maybe even respond to my post. As someone who gets 60-80 ping in game with no option for a fiber optic connection and living about 12-1300 miles from my server I feel like this would be a HUGE addition to the game, and may even make more players come back to try and get better and unlock skills they never knew they had or could get. I think that it's insane how Epic has all the resources they need to add more servers, and considering this is undoubtedly THE MOST ping based game of all time, and one of the biggest games of all time with over 350 million registered accounts as of may 2020, they should absolutely be adding more game servers. Let me know what you guys think, hopefully this doesn't come across as a shitpost of me just complaining but I wanted to channel my frustration into more of a discussion with other members of the community and seeing how my issue affects them.

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