Drop The Stupid Questlines, FOCUS ON QUALITY OF LIFE

I like the side questlines, they're fun, the plot is funny and some (rarely) of the rewards are cool but holy shit, they're super unneeded in an Early Access game. This type of content shouldn't be worked on AT ALL during this stage of a game.

Do: – Auto-drop. As an advanced player, I don't wanna fucking pick up tier 1 & 2 items when backpack space is already shitty as it is

  • Give us more backpack space

  • Fix quartz's classification. Why is it classified as a tier 1 item? It always plays with my mind when I'm trying to sort out my inventory, and if auto-drop becomes a thing, it will drop it.

  • Update the settings menu to the one in Battle Royale. Really not sure why this is taking forever when it is…there.

  • Work on Daily Rewards (20 gold is fucking embarrassing and anything that isn't a legendary schematic past Day 100 is even more embarrassing).

  • Tune Daily Alerts rewards. Common & uncommon schematics shouldn't ever even be a reward, not even for a Stonewood newbie who just started playing. Rare in Stonewood, Epic in Plankerton and Legendary only in Canny Valley & Twine Peaks.

  • Fix Llamas as a whole. Horrible pricing & even more horrible rewards. They are a mess.

  • Buff other upgrades, they're useless. Only turret, adrenaline rush & slow-field are viable. Banners are debatable. Rest are trash.

Read more:  To everyone who has disregarded my information. Lets get this straight and I'm done posting after this.

Seriously, just work on the foundation of the game first. Why the hell do players need to point this out? You obviously know that, it's your job.


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