Effective ninja loadout

normally i dont post anything but this loadout is so good i had to make a post about it.

so using this with the mythic storm kings ravenger blade makes you invincible, immortal..whatever you call it. You just gotta perk one spot for Energy effiency on heavy attacks and you go for heavy attacks all the time like as with spectral blade (recycled it since i have msk blade). Only downvote is you gotta jump every time to do the slash but youll get used to it. Just "space" , "right click", "space" "rightclick"…

Here comes the whole point of this setup:

Intergalactic Ken gives you shield all the time when you kill something. that means when you have small husks around you, you'll slash them with one heavy attack, more husks with one slash, more shield you get. watch the team perkup – its Bio Energy Source, means youll get shield everytime you do heavy attack because it takes energy. So you get shield because of Bio Energy and Intergalactics Commander Perk, makes you immortal even when 4 Blasters are trying to beam you. Never had a Situation since then where i died or something lol

I put in Anti cuddle sarah AND fallen Love ranger because i wanted to make sure that i will never ever run out of energy. Even when using Earspitter it can get very close in terms of Energy if you just have one of those 2 in support.

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"must.protect" gives you extra damage from your shield ammount. Since your full shield like all the time, means youll get full profit of "must.protect.

you could swap out must.protect for Swordmaster ken for 25% bonus sword damage since you're in Shadow stance basically all the time.

Let me you what you think about this setup. For me its the absolute greatest. Switched from main soldier to ninja because of that. Saving ammo aswell.


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