EPIC business execs commanding the game, you have cast unforgivable disrespect and embarrassment upon your developers.

This post will not be seen by anyone who can make a difference, let alone would any one of them care to put forth any effort into fixing this mess. I reserve no optimism that a Reddit post will change anything at all. This is to get a lot of frustration off of my chest. I also curse in this one, but it's not directed at anyone.

To the Fortnite Directors,

No, this isn't a message to pawn off to your community managers or game development teams, because it's not their problem in the first place. I have a problem with you, the people who are managing the money that is channeled into this game. You have made your development teams look like babies that are unable to maintain an ever-expanding game, because despite the fact that you want the game to increase rapidly in size, you do not give them the money or employees to make that happen.

What do I mean by this?

You want your game to get updates, to feel original and organic, and to offer new challenge and opportunity to your players. Like the thousands of angry people before me, I'm going to make a jagged and half-assed comparison to your Battle Royale gamemode, because this topic hasn't been milked into insanity by this point, has it?

Battle Royale is an example of games that successfully capitalize on inspiration. I have no problem with that game, it's incredibly unique, and it is a testament to what true, uncorked passion looks like. Sharks that you can ride? Throw it in. Custom cutscenes? Absolutely. Live events that counter what was previously deemed possible by computers? You know it. Regardless of whether you love or hate the community or stigma around that gamemode, you can't deny that it revels in a passion from it's developers that rivals nearly every other PvP game in the scene right now.

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What if I told you that your Save the World developers have that same burning passion, but due to your capitalistic decisions, you decided not to care?

For those of you who have played Dungeons a lot, you can see where that kind of passion comes from. I'm going to use the Grotto Dungeon as an example. You wander through a forest-like underground cave, filled with sinking ships and tales of men gone mad. The dungeonmaster tells you a story of his journey and descent into the depths, actively commenting on the problems you run into with a humorous sense of cynicism. There are poison plants that kill you if you walk too close. There are piranha in the water that will hurt you, but will allow you to pass if you move quickly. The fantastic sound effects, dripping water, and misty tone contribute to the atmosphere of an underground cave that used to foster life, but is now abandoned due to the formidable monsters that lie in wait at the bottom.

I'm going to put this simply. Dungeons was a risk, and you decided to go with it. It worked. Dungeons is one of the most fucking fantastic gamemodes your developers have ever crafted. It oozes with personality, and it's so incredibly clear that this was the result of rampant passion being tested. Unfortunately, the gameplay loop is only repeatable if you're working for a speedrun record. Thus, a lot of people liked it, but only played it a few times due to it's simple concept. If dungeons were longer (eg 30-40 minutes or so) and held good, consistent rewards behind more difficult experience walls, I'm 100% sure that it would have been a massive smash hit. People already don't want them to leave, and I'm with them. You're only strangling yourself to lock away such a work of art behind an event timewall.

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Another one of these masterpieces is Frostnite 2018. (I, like many of you didn't find the same charm with 2019). The Director is unforgiving. He wants you to become better by putting you in an incredibly harsh environment. One of the biggest successes in this gamemode is that 128 is genuinely challenging. I get bored with running the same 8 missions all the time, but this 90 minute mission never got boring or stale during its runtime. Frostnite is a love letter to Save the World potential. The modifiers were unique and really fun. The Frostnite banner is the king on this game. Even Twine Endurance, while difficult, is still stagnant and predictable. Frostnite 128 kept everyone on my team on their feet at all times. It was fucking amazing. 2019 was a lot less fun because of bullet sponging, and the fact that Krampuses were made out of vibranium, but that's a talk for another time.

And it's because of these gamemodes that I know your developers care for this game. They didn't need to add all of that detail to the dungeons, but they did. They didn't need to make Frostnite modifiers, but they did. They didn't need to make the funny gnome easter eggs around their maps, but they did anyway, because there's a difference between creativity and passion. A difference that I don't think you understand.

Due to your mismanagement, you have not allotted more resources to this game. You haven't given them more bug testers to make their game more functional and fun. Instead, because this game wasn't a golden goose, you thought that it wasn't anything at all. And thus, the view of your developers suffers. People all the time complain that "The developers are lazy!" and that they don't care about this game at all. I might say similar if I didn't have so much proof of the contrary. People don't see you as the game's leaders, they instead look up to the developers. Instead of treating your developers like the artists they are, you've put them up like pawns on a chessboard. And quite personally, I think that's despicable.

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Donald Mustard and the people alongside you, start treating Save the World teams like you treat Battle Royale devs. They have the passion, and the ball is on your side of the court. Now what are you going to do about it?



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