Epic doubling time on time gated content. Not cool.

Content of the article: "Epic doubling time on time gated content. Not cool."

As some of you fellow commanders, I am playing casually, after work (or school for some). Meaning that I usually do some missions after my day, play with some silly weapons and go for dinner before going to sleep.

All of it was fine before ventures, or what is more accurate to say is: time gated content. In this event, players have to grind missions to obtain some rare resources that are necessary to upgrade your PL, but of course, once it is over those resources are inaccessible to other people.
Basically someone who misses the grind of the season will forever be behind in terms of PL.

So, of course I endure the grind. Currently lvl 37 in ventures.

But you know, I spend three years completing a stock of weapons that I tuned to bring destruction upon my foes so of course Epic had to remove it! No problem, I also upgraded my traps, and more importantly have almost all my legendary survivors with trap durability. So of course Epic had to remove that for this mode as well.

What I am left is a mode that is punishing in terms of resources gathered (poof, ressources gone!) and mission rewards. And if I do not play it I will never level past my max PL (and forever be behind people who grinded since season 1 of ventures).

Some people will say, you can just play the normal mission and have fun with your optimized build. Sure, but ventures is the only changing content that we will have from now on, so of course I would like to enjoy it: let me go through the lower level grind faster, it is fun for a few missions and not challenging. Instead of just increasing PL, unlock access to your usual survivor squads. And instead of just going with just random weapons, add some weird lvl 6 perks to them to spice things up, and 4x missions should always reward a MINIMUM of x2 venture XP.

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Please Epic, I do not want to spend the next two months grinding again for mediocre rewards I can basically earn most of the rewards grinding a mission for an evening (except the superchargers). For ONCE, put appropriate rewards for your missions!


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