Epic Games has locked me out of my account and refuses to give it back

UPDATE! This situation has been resolved and my account is back.

I know this has happened to others, but I don't know where else to turn for help. Here goes.

A few days ago, my Xbox Series S was struggling to perform an update so I followed some tips from folks online and performed a factory reset. Once I got the console set up again, I accidentally logged in to the wrong Xbox Live account and opened up Fortnite to play. I attempted to re-link my account (not realizing I was on the wrong account) but was met with errors saying the account was already associated with another Xbox. No problem. I can clear this up on Epic Games site.

So I popped over to Epic Games, went to my connections, and deleted the connection with my Xbox, then tried again. Still no success. I tried to connect manually in browser by logging in to my live account. Nothing. Remember…. I didn't realize I was logged into the wrong Live account so I didn't know why I wasn't getting access to the game despite the connection being made. Obviously this could have been avoided if I had logged into the correct Live account. After a few more attempts to unlink and re-link with no success, I decided to unlink all of the consoles I had linked to my Epic Games account and start over –surely, that'll get me where I need to be.

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As I tried to log-in to my Epic Games account, it said my account was Inactive.

So I hopped over to Epic Games support, submitted a case, got connected with someone and they sent over 6 things for me to verify my identity with (things like the last 4 on my card, location I play, past receipts, and more). I submitted everything and was told it was either, "insufficient or inaccurate" and that they couldn't tell me what I had gotten wrong. So I dug further back into my email found better screenshots of my oldest Epic Games receipts, resubmitted… still a no. I tried this several more times getting more and more specific with every attempt. They say they can't verify it's me and won't give me access. I have submitted everything they have asked for and everything that is in my possession.

I'm at wit's end. I have submitted everything in my possession but they say it's either "insufficient or inaccurate". I'm angry that after 3+ years of playing Fortnite and investing time and money into everything, Epic can just lock me out of the game for a reason that seemed suspicious to them but was a perfectly innocent login mistake on my part.

What should I do? Has anybody solved this before? Can anyone from Epic help me?

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TLDR; Epic has blocked me from my Epic Games account because I accidentally tried to access Fortnite from the wrong Xbox Live account. I've jumped through every verification hoop I can and given them everything they have asked for and everything that is in my possession but they still don't believe that the account is mine. I need help.


After 25+ emails back and forth, I finally got ahold of someone who was willing to change one of the security prompts. When I provided my IP addresses for all of my devices, they reinstated my account.

Thank you to everyone who was supportive and tried to get me help!!!


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