Epic stopping Sub-Only Customs, It’s time for some NEEDED Changes to Custom Matchmaking.

Content of the article: "Epic stopping Sub-Only Customs, It’s time for some NEEDED Changes to Custom Matchmaking."

So Yesterday, Epic sent out various messages to larger scrim discords like FishyCustoms and More, instructing they no longer continue since the only way to join these is if you subscribed to a Twitch Channel.

Now the issue is, this also applies to all types of customs, Including things like my Sub Sunday's, which I do every sunday as a way to thank my supporters on twitch with a day of fun games with only them, I don't force anyone to pay to play or anything, it's an option and I try to involve all viewers regardless in some way.

Now that this control has been taken away from us, It means thousands of creators are now venerable, Many are going to have to setup things like the Full, Confusing way of Yunite just to protect against players who are going around ruining these streams and customs, aka. Griefers.

So, Because of this, Enough is Enough. On behalf of all creators, Epic, This NEEDS to happen.

Custom Matchmaking has been in the game for way over 2 years now, and hasn't recieve a SINGLE update, where is the "custom" controls? Where is our power to kick or ban people from these games? Why isn't this ever discussed or recognised by Epic Games? They are 100% aware of griefers and the issues with customs, but nothing changes…

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Now your enforcing TOS measures, You guys have GOT to give us some controls, otherwise customs are just going to slowly become an irrelevent feature.

We need these basics;

  • Kick / Ban Controls (Hopefully ban the IP of this player to ensure alt accounts joining up again)
  • Zone Controls (Ability to slow or speed up zones)

Potentially also;

  • Damage Options (Ability to stop or allow damage til a certain zone, this will be helpful for scrims)
  • Loot Pool Control?
  • Possibly some LTM Presets to Run some more interesting customs

Please Epic, Enough is Enough, We NEED these powers if your enforcing TOS measures.

All Creators, Please share this as much as possible and Let us know your own experiences & Things your hoping for.




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