Explaining why Galactus seems so “slow” (+ an explanation on Fortnite’s weird time)

Content of the article: "Explaining why Galactus seems so “slow” (+ an explanation on Fortnite’s weird time)"

Now, a while back, we got that famous Donald Mustard Marvel podcast. In it he talked about how Galactus was drawn to the Island when he sensed the Zero Point reorganizing the Matter of the old Island into the new one. That places THIS panel…

…at the very start of Chapter 2. Now THAT sounds weird, doesn't it? Thor and Galactus found the rift to Fortnite at the start of Chapter 1 but only got here in Season 4, whole months after sensing it? Now that can't be right….can it?

Well, I'm here to tell you it can, although the explanation might seem a bit mind-bending. It isn't that Galactus and Thor are somehow slow, or that the rift sent them through time, Fortnite's time is just fast, VERY fast. To explain what I mean, we need to turn to two comics: Wolverine #5 and X-Factor #3

These two recent comics contain the crossover with Fortnite on Marvel's end, with the heroes being pulled into the Bifrost. How do we know these are Fortnite crossovers? Well, aside from the specific timing of these releases, there's also Gwenpool outright saying it, and heroes specifically in Fortnite getting taken up and some even returning with Fortnite weapons (albeit with a slight style change).

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Now, why are these pages important? Well, they show us something very interesting. Since these comics show the heroes being taken to Fortnite, the panels that show their return can only mean that they were taken back after kicking Galactus' cosmic-ass. But look at the span of time here, they are only gone for ONE panel, basically a few seconds. They went to Fortnite and returned after a few seconds…even though this season lasts much longer than that….or does it?

This leaves me with only one possible explanation for this strange occurrence: Marvel's multiverse and Fortnite have different time. Fortnite's time is faster than Marvel's, where entire weeks can happen in the span of seconds on the other end. This is the only possible explanation, and for Marvel it makes sense. They need a way to explain why their heroes are gone, but also can't have them gone for so long that it effects their own stories, so the best way to solve this issue is to change up the flow of time .

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This even explains why Thor and Galactus took so long to get here. They were still a little bit away from the rift when they found it, so it would have taken Thor and Galactus several seconds to cross from where they were to the rift, or in Fortnite time: it would have taken them several months. And that Casuals and Gentlesweats, is why Thor and Galactus took so long to get to the Island despite the time they started their journey.


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