(FAKE) BR STW MSK Umbrella!!!

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So yesterday I finished creating this bad boy. I'll have to sacrifice my BR customization umbrella to let others know how much I enjoy STW and why I kept on playing since August 2018 on and off while I was a noob, then last year started to grind and I took it serious just in time for me to get the blast from the past, and totally rocking out team perks. I love this game and like others wish it got more love. Can we as a community, create similar styles for this umbrella to show the team how much we love this game? I would like to see many variations with the hashtag #savesavetheworld. I made one with the propane as the handle for the sploders and the top was the yellow rubber duck that gives you tape lol. Many end game players (not including myself) have been getting small new things but we need something for them. I hope the new feature and leaks make this game great again.

I beat the MSK i believe about a month ago and i'm a proud owner of all the MSK weapons. Just for bragging rights, i got the ar, launcher, pistol, sword, hammer, and hammer again this week. NO DUPES! There still needs to be a way to not let lower level players get the MSk weapons and be able to get carried. I see people in Canny PL 90-100 having them and i don't get the pleasure of showing off what is waiting for them at the end of Twine if they keep on playing the game. Let current players keep theirs but prevent new players to get carried, which will get rid of those paid carries or even get the weapon schematic at all since it will break the game and difficulty of missions for them.

I also wanted to mention a MAJOR problem with the tutorial, missions, survivor squads, and dungeons of course. This game is NOT user friendly like many have mentioned. About a month ago i went to stonewood to help some new players with the mission and give them stuff i don't need and i met this player named Oath. He plays just for V-Bucks and he enjoys the game. So i was telling him how to play and what to look for and he was getting the hang of it which was good, but it was TOO MUCH INFORMATION. He told me there is a lot in this game and WITHOUT a good tutorial, he still does not want to play to save the world for fun. Just for daily and map v-bucks.

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Missions are fun and great in the story line but once you play them you are playing them for the rewards and not for fun. Like many have stated we need new missions in the base game and i know the dungeons layout inside and out. IT'S REALLY FUN and you get rewards if you lose. In regular mission it's backwards if you think of it. I almost quit in the early missions of Canny because i would not get queued in NAW (didn't know EU or NAE servers actually have players) so i would have to solo missions as a noob and loosing, not getting rewards, like MSK, SUCKS! 1, 1, 1 or maybe sometimes 2, does not give me back my 2k+ mats i waste, amo, and other resources for heals etc.

Dungeons (my fav) along with story quests or other missions that are not in the map SHOULD have the PLAY WITH OTHERS system. I would play Dungeons all day (Quick Play or Toggling others who are playing either 140 dungeon or lower level) if this were the case and I would also help others with a specific part of the story line, quests (if there was the option like there is for every world near your Homebase) even if they are not your friend). Rip dungeons hope to see you in October later this year.

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Finally Survivor Squads. This is very interesting in the fact that i went from a PW 90 to a 123 in less than a week. No grind just playing more than the regular player (BR). I've told you I love this game but it's not an addiction, I just upgrade the "best" weapons, heroes etc. Don't really care about defenders, traps, endurance, wargames (LOVE the endgame cutscene, WE NEED MORE), and many other things atm. So my friend told me to race him to PW 100 and i agreed, I had everything to get to PW 123 I was just taking my time and enjoying the game). I finished the Canny story line, got the cut scene, and I was ready to figure out how Twine works and how 4x mission, 4 player missions and end game missions worked in general.

Then I re worked by squads, recycled some epic and learned how to properly slot my squads. Next thing you know, I was 120 i think and I had just skipped ALL of twine. I was upset but what can i do leave some slots empty? I upgraded to 122 that same week and within the next i had got my first mythic weapon. I now consider myself an endgame player although I still have many things to work on and with 122 being the level where you can do all the end game content I felt i had just cheated the game as it was meant to be played. I was never locked in a 90 or 108 mission. I jumped from maybe 97 to 140 missions. I adapted and did a considerable amount of research as to what end game content is and examples include like how to jail build (which as player in Canny did and should not need to know). The help option in survivor squads helped but after taking my sweet time to understand whether i should upgrade epic or legendary survivors to which leads to have etc. It's the most horrible yet important mechanic in the game imo, yet there doesn't seem to be a heavy focus only in the horrible tutorial.

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I could go all day but to end it i would like to hear your stories and why you keep on hoping someday stw will come out with a big change and make the game the best it can be. No game is perfect but we should let the team know we trust them and we believe they are doing the best they can will all their available resources. I hope the next big update lives up to the hype and leaks and if it doesn't, no matter I will keep on playing because it is an AMAZING game. I will never forgive BR even though i play for cosmetics lol.


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