Favorite fortnite moments?

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I recently hit 700 days logged in and thought to myself “Damn, I’ve been playing for a while.” Shortly after that I remembered all the good times I had. Here’s 5 (not in any order)

  1. Getting into a match with DemonJoeFrance. That was cool. This was a long time ago. If I were to say the year I would say around 2018. I’d say it was around the time he lost all his shadowshard from a hacker.

  2. Getting my first weapon fully perked. I remember this because it was the first time I looked forward to play the most. It was the super shredder and I was in canny valley. I spent all my gold on the perk up that was in the shop. Shortly after that I made it into 106 when I got to twine.

  3. The morning of the canny valley storyline update. That was a fun morning. We got a free birthday llama that morning and as soon as I went to do my first quest everyone in chat was saying “what did you get from your llama?”. I remember I got the helium shotgun that day. I was so excited because I could now craft my favorite shotgun instead of asking my friend to craft me some.

  4. Getting my last mythic lead. I remember this like it was last week. Well because it was like last week. I was doing some endurance with friends and someone in chat says “MYTHIC ALERT”. I check reddit and turns out it was the last mythic I needed. The lead for the explorers. Man I was so excited to finally be able to hit the max level after 700 days.

  5. Beating my friend in a race to twine ssd 5. We hit powerlevel 70 around the same time and both of us had twine ssd 1 done. My friend said, “race you to twine ssd 5”. I accepted his challenge. Considering we were both powerlevel 70ish he thought we had a week minimum. His plan was to do a ssd everyday until he was done. I got ssds 2,3,4, and 5 done the next day. I was proud of myself for being able to solo all ssds with my own trap schematics.

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That’s 5 of my favorite moments. If it isn’t an issue to anyone who reads this, can you share 1 of your favorite moments in fortnite?


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