Features I’d still like to see in StW

  1. Search anything while being hit. – It’s kind of annoying searching a chest or other searchables around the map only to get hit right before completing the action.

  2. Remap your controller layout (console). – I hate pressing multiple buttons for abilities. I also hate pressing Y or triangle to swap through builds. With the option to remap your buttons I can have a hybrid of Old School and Builder Pro controls.

  3. Crouching in StW. – I know it’s not necessary, but it would be nice to have. I have also been in situations where I get stuck and I could get out if I could crouch but can’t, so I’d have to use a roof build instead of a ramp to get out.

  4. Leveling up cards 1 star at a time. – This would take less time (especially on console) to level up your cards and get you right back into missions.

  5. Visual indicator that your next shot will crit (Ranged and Melee weapons). – I’ve thought about this feature a lot. It’s not a game changer at all but it would be nice to see, even if it’s not likely to happen.

I was going to mention a deployable dummy or a dummy inside Storm Shields but I’m not entirely sure how to put it into words and make it work. Like, is it a physical dummy or should we be able to change the element of the dummy and should the DMG/DPS show up in the HUD or should they linger a bit after the you shoot the dummy.

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These are all I can think of atm. I’m sure I’ll think of/ remember more in the future. I’m max level and have a lot of love for this game. I believe it can improve and become great. Little things can make big differences, even if they are very small.


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