Fellas, what kind of QoL changes would you want to see for the game?

Personally, I'd love Ventures way more with two QoL changes:

  • It'd be cool if Venture seasons came with their own unique mission type, along with all the other base game variants (think of Fortnitemares' storm vacuum or Frostnite's protect the presents). That way we would at least enjoy some fresh gameplay every Venture, along with its unique modifier.

  • Can't stress this enough: make the rewards more enticing. Vouchers and Perk materials are a great start, but please consider adding a backbling or pickaxe as a reward at the bare minimum. Hell, it doesn't even need to look fancy. Copy-paste some random prop from the map if you have to.

As for the base game, it could use these QoL changes:

  • In defense missions (Atlas, Ride The Lightning, Retrieve the Data), there should be a slight chance for a pre-built fort to spawn around the objective. That tutorial mission where you defend homebase in that wooden fortress is iconic, and I'd love to see that kinda detail remain part of the actual game. Not to mention you save time if you do get lucky & get into the action quicker.

  • In defense missions, make it so that the requirement to win isn't always to outlast the timer, but to kill a minimum amount of enemies. This would encourage players to not only eliminate enemies, but also drive them away from jail builds.

  • Introduce a new type of pylon: The Intel Pylon. When enough Bluglo is inserted, it will give you valuable intel on how the mission will play out: What kind of enemies will spawn and when, if the storm will move during a defense and when/where, what the mini-boss buffs will be. Back at the objective, opening the menu to start vote has an extra option that lets you review the intel obtained. It's there for those who could use the extra planning. To an extent this could help solve the "not enough materials" problem end game players have as well, since it's not about lack of materials, but lack of key mission info, which results in players overbuilding, or jail building.

  • Consider updating the Mission/Quest HUD. I've never seen the 50% transparent black box with white text on it Quest HUD change since I started playing back in Season 4. A little updating for the Mission/Quest Info on the left-hand side & Timer on the top of the screen to put it up to par with the rest of the recently updated Chapter 2 HUD would be cool!

  • Speaking of the HUD, this Ventures season introduced a new modifier, where every 30 kills husks get an effect, which is tracked on the Mission/Quest HUD area. While this is a HUGE step forward, it could be designed better visually. This modifier, along with other modifiers and hero perks, should have their effects (and timers before they run out) displayed somewhere on the HUD. Think of stuff like Totally Rockin Out, War Cry or Shadow Stance, which has no real indication of when it'll run out in game.

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If STW is going to remain on a loop, then let's at least make it a good one! u/Magyst


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