Fortnite and it’s current state!

Content of the article: "Fortnite and it’s current state!"

Hi greetings from FortOfFans,

I kinda wanted to share my opinion on the current state of the game, maybe someone wants to hear it.

Well I love Fortnite , I have been playing this game well over 2 years even tried to complete Frostnite 128 as a newbie (didn't go to well…), but lately game and it's experience haven't felt great.

Some actions by Epic I disliked, they all add up to a point, which unleashes big disappointment to me and possibly a few others:

  • Epic hit us off-guard with the end of Early Access, after months without any communication regarding the future game changes and development.

Additionally they said:

"Today we’re bringing Save the World out of Early Access and have decided that it will remain a premium experience rather than going free-to-play. Development of new content will slow down after this official release, but the adventure doesn’t end here for Save the World."

This statement was kinda, pulled out of the air in my opinion, as the game felt very unfinished on story side and the side of game mechanics and features, what hit even more was Epic saying they'd slow down the development, which was already slowed…

Example: The implementation for the entire Fortnite Locker took then from it's first announcement (Feb 2019 Fortnite AMA) till the actual implementation (Mar 2020), it took them well over a year to get an existing feature to work for Fortnite, even on release the locker had countless bugs...

  • Additionally they did changes many people of the community couldn't agree with, changing the Rarity and the Name on the Vindertech Pickaxe was something, something that didn't make sense at all, this could have easily increased the Fortnite playerbase, as most BR players hunt down cosmetic. These people would have, if they have heard that there has been a legendary pickaxe obtainable via Fortnite, instantly got access to Fortnite to get it.

  • Epic failed to make the community's beloved Developer Update Video, after Magyst sort of hyped up the community… A short Video they'd record talk about some random stuff they're working on in the background, but yeah…

  • Trello and it's Save the World Top Issues, something that really annoys me: Fortnite got endless bugs, that is no secret however the barely communication around them hurts I mean take a look at the Trello card, as a player who actively plays this game, you may think they are talking about a complete different game…

Endurance Crashes have been there since dawn of time, increased crashing has always existed for Fortnite so this not really something new… While there's other important/ game breaking bugs that don't get mentioned at all.

I just hope something will change for the future, but as of now I don't see any light and sorry for this many negative points, Fortnite hasn't always been "bad" events like Survive the Storm, Frostnite Endurance v1, Dungeons on release or the release of the first Storm King were fantastic experiences, also the community has been great at all so many great people I've meet through out my journey AlluraSC/ David Dean/ Demonjoefrance/ Team Vash/ Rounded Tik Tak/ and many many other great endgame players who've been playing longer than I do!

All those great events made me love this game over anything I played before, none the less I'll continue the journey as a commander of Homebase and wish y'all a wonderful day at Homebase !

Sorry if my English is unclear at some points, not my native language… Also crazy that you have read all this crap :O


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