Fortnite Competitive Recap: February

Welcome to the February Recap! This month introduced FNCS and A TON of news for me to share. So get ready to chill out and recap!


TSM leaves the Fortnite scene.


On the first day of February, we immediately got news of an org leaving the scene and it was quite a surprise. TSM announced that they would be releasing Saf, MackWood and Ferrrnando, effective immediately. This also confirmed that Commandment would not be re-signing with them as well. This left three of the best players on NAE unsigned and as F/As. Any predictions below, drop them in the comments.


Fortnite Competitive Awards


This month introduced the Inaugural Fortnite Competitive Awards. Many analysts around the scenes brought together this award show to highlight the best players and moments around the scene.

Now to the winners!

-Personality and Streamer of the Year: Ronaldo

-Content creator and Coach of the Year: Arab

-Best Play of the Year: Benjyfishy in September DreamHack

-Feel good Story: Nick Eh 30 qualifying for FNCS

-Grinder of the Year: Marzz_OW

-Creative of the Year: Beehive

-Breakout and Controller Player of the Year: Reet

-Player of the Year: Tayson

-Duo of the Year: Zayt and Saf

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-Solo Player of The Year: Arkhram

-Trio Of the Year: Arkhram, EpikWhale and Rehx

-Community Support: Fortnite Tracker

-Org of the Year: NRG

-Caster of the Year: BallaTW

-Tournament Organizer of the Year: DreamHack




This season really ramped up tournaments and brought some great moments. Starting off the month, Clix takes his domination into February and wins the Streamer Bowl again with Tarik Cohen and Xacial. Later on in the month, he wins FNCS NAE Week 1 Final with Bugha and Bizzle (And getting banned soon after due to Ron's asscheeks). Jahq, Acorn and Slackes continue to be FNCS favorites by winning the SypherPK cup. For FNCS, we had some great surprises and moments! We saw Co1azo, DeRoller and Klass dominate Week 2 with some help to the game-changing Snowball Launcher. Hen, Chapix and JannisZ take home EU Week 1 finals. Bucke, Mackwood and Khanada qualify in 3 games. We saw Toose get the banhammer, Rojo and Kura leave behind Nyhrox, MMB and Aqua, Wolfiez and CRR split. We also had the 1 year anniversary of DreamHack Anaheim!




Guild signs Tayson

ENDLESS signs Reverse2k

Solary signs Blastr

TRNL signs Threats

Fusion signs Degen

XTRA signs Alliege

Liquid signs Pulga

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Temp signs Vyx, Happed, Hajie, Problem and more

XSET signs Astonish


Free Agents
















Thank you for reading the February Recap! Come back for the March Recap on April 1st!


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