Fortnite Daily News – 6/23/2020

Your daily Fortnite news for Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020 written by somebodysgun.

  1. More Community Tournaments
  2. Daily Trio Cash Cups
  3. Cash Cup Rules Released
  4. Team Kungarna Signs Co1azo
  5. Eclipsae, Crimz, and Creed Part Ways with WASP Esports
  6. Andbox Regional Tournament Announced

These posts will cover the news from the previous day of competitive Fortnite. The goal is to provide the scene with relevant news and help people stay up to date. Please comment or DM on Twitter to share anything I missed out.

1. Three More Community Tournaments Announced

Mr Savage, Lachlan, and Jacob all announced their community tournaments. Two of the tournaments are EU based and the Lachlan tournament is the first in OCE.

The Benjyfishy Cup opened the door for these community tournaments. Now they are popping up all the time! This is great for players and community members.

  1. Daily Trio Cash Cups Begin July 14

Daily Cups return in Season 3. This is another piece that the community has been calling for. The top 3 teams all win cash.

The Daily Trios Cups are separated by PC and Console/Mobile.

  1. Cash Cup Rules Released for Season 3

The official rules have been released for this season's cash cups. The cups return to 10 matches over 3 hours. There is only a single round.

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The prizing and exact scoring format can be found in the link above. The biggest difference this season is the split between Contender's and Champion's Trios Cash Cups. Players in Contender's division compete in their own tournament. The winners advance to Champions and can no long player in the lower division.

  1. Team Kungarna Signs Co1azo

Team Kungarna continues to make big moves. A day after announcing the signings of Assault and Innocents, they bring on Co1azo.

Co1azo has been a solid competitive player. He is expected to perform well in Solo FNCS.

  1. Eclipsae, Crimz, and Creed Part Ways with WASP Esports

After a short stay, the two players and scout decided to part ways. The trio joined earlier in June.

Unfortunately, two investors backed out of the organization. This left the owner in a difficult position. It appears that the three former members left on good terms with the owner.

  1. Andbox Battle of the Boroughs

Another tournament was announced today. This tournament is hosted by Andbox and is regionally based. Players must be in New York or New Jersey to participate.

The tournament boasts a $50,000 prize pool and takes place over multiple rounds.

That is all the news for the day! If I missed something, throw it down in the comments! I welcome feedback. The news will be posted when relevant. If there is no relevant news for the day, I will not post.


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