Fortnite Daily News – 6/26/2020

Your daily Fortnite news for Friday, June 26th, 2020 written by somebodysgun.

  1. Lachlan and Amar Cups Kick-Off
  2. Helicopter Spawn Rates Decreased
  3. Intel Cup Trios Qualify for Grand Finals
  4. NRG Signs Deal with the US National Guard

These posts will cover the news from the previous day of competitive Fortnite. The goal is to provide the scene with relevant news and help people stay up to date. Please comment or DM on Twitter to share anything I missed out.

  1. Lachlan and Amar Cups Kick-Off

Today, two community tournaments began. The Lachy Cup in OCE and the Amar Cup in EU. Players from all regions are able to participate, but they are hosted in the respective regions.

The tournaments continue tomorrow with thousands of dollars in prizes on the line. These two are the first of many community tournaments to be held this season. NAE gets a shot at the Lachlan Cup next week.

  1. Helicopter Spawn Rates Decreased

It did not take long for Epic Games to reduce the Helicopters in Arena and tournaments. Their spawn rate is now 25% instead of 100%.

Many players called for the vehicle to be removed immediately. While they still remain, the Choppas are likely on the way out.

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  1. Intel Cup Trios Qualify for Grand Finals

Yesterday, the Finals for the Intel Elite Cup 2 took place. The tournament hosted by the Practice Server and Chronic finished the first stage. The top 8 teams join the invitees on 6/27 for the Grand Finals.

$15,000 and some Intel Nuc PCs are on the line. Make sure to tune into to watch the action!

  1. NRG Signs Deal with the US National Guard

One of the top gaming organizations, NRG, inked a deal with the US Army National Guard. The details of the partnership are unknown. The two simply shared this tweet.

The National Guard is highly involved in esports. They have multiple sponsorships, teams, and players.

That is all the news for the day! If I missed something, throw it down in the comments! I welcome feedback. The news will be posted when relevant. If there is no relevant news for the day, I will not post.


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