Fortnite Daily News – 7/2/2020

Content of the article: "Fortnite Daily News – 7/2/2020"

Your daily Fortnite news for Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 written by somebodysgun.

  1. NRG Signs Clix
  2. Lachy Cup Takes Place in NA
  3. Mongraal Receives His Own Cup
  4. Emad Adds an NA Exclusive Cup
  5. LeStream Esports' Contracts with Vato and Skite to End Soon

These posts will cover the news from the previous day of competitive Fortnite. The goal is to provide the scene with relevant news and help people stay up to date. Please comment or DM on Twitter to share anything I missed out.

  1. NRG Signs Clix

Clix's contract ended with Misfits. Without missing a beat, Clix was quickly scooped up by NRG. The NRG roster continues to expand with top tier talent.

This signing shows NRG's continued commitment to competitive Fortnite. Additionally, Clix adds huge value on the content side.

  1. Lachy Cup Takes Place in NAE

The Lachlan Trio Cup finished up in NAE last night. These tournaments begin the Season 3 competitive schedule.

Zayt, Saf, and Stretch took home the top spot in NAE. They won four out of eight matches to finish with a 27 point lead.

  1. Mongraal Receives His Own Cup

These community tournaments are popping up every day. The newest tournament in Europe features Solos and is two rounds.

The format provides a perfect mixture of both placements and eliminations. The tournament begins on July 14th.

  1. EmadGG Adds an NA Exclusive Cup

Emad grabs the first NA exclusive cup of the season. He is best known for his viewing parties and amazing ability to play every single region during Cash Cup.

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This tournament features Trios and is two rounds. The top 33 teams from the first round advance to Round 2.

  1. LeStream Esports' Contracts with Vato and Skite to End Soon

Two of the top talents in Fortnite are soon to be free agents. Based on their statements, they will not be resigning with LeStream and pursuing other opportunities.

Skite and Vato have been around the competitive scene since the beginning and will surely add value to whoever they join.

That is all the news for the day! If I missed something, throw it down in the comments! I welcome feedback. The news will be posted when relevant. If there is no relevant news for the day, I will not post.


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