Fortnite for a returning player after 2 years

I want to start by saying this is not a hate post. This is a constructive post for the devs of the game.

I am right now in Twine Peaks and didnt play a mission in 2 years as i want to complete it when the story comes.

We all know this game just goes downhill after the first missions. Like sometimes i just like to watch youtubers first reaction when they play fortnite, make the tutorial, first missions and so on. It just feels fun to me.

What i liked when i came back after 2 years is the new UI, locker added finally, but that was it actually. In 2 years that's all that was added if i am not missing something important.

Now, lets say the best parts of the game:

  1. Cutscenes – These made the game the best in the first missions, everytime you see Ray talking in the cutscenes makes the game better imo than just talking with no images. We do need more of these.
  2. Unique missions. This game has a way too small number of unique missions. That's why the game gets repetitive after some time. I think it should be atleast 1/5 unique missions ( 4 missions to find something in basic gamemodes, and then 1 unique missions)

Now what can the unique missions be? Anything, but not the basic find/ defend at the end. Like one of the first missions, find the lab. Anything like this, or anything else. There are many unique missions that can be done.

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3. Story

But now, lets also say the worst parts of the game:

1. Too hard to understand for new players/ returning players. First of all, SURVIVORS SQUADS. Back when I used to play daily, I understood how it works, but now when i recently tried to play again, I had no idea how that used to work. Now imagine trying to explain it to a new player. They shouldn't have to watch a tutorial on youtube to understand how it works.

Solution? Make auto fill better or maybe just remove it completely and add a SURVIVORS JOB place. There you can choose a job ( a job meaning a type of survivor squad ) and if you have a survivor with the leader match for it, then you can choose him to work on that job, and do the same for every other job. I am sure most of the new players will understand this concept way faster than this.

Then when you get a higher level you unlock more "job members" (squad members). You can place them in the right job only if he ALSO has the same PERSONALITY as the job leader. If not, they will be blocked so new players will understand faster that those blocked dont need to be in there.

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And then instead of seeing under every survivor their set bonus and what you need for it to be activated (matches 3/3 2/2,etc) You should have 4-5 sections where to place your survivors. 1 for each SET BONUS. And you can choose and see easily what bonus you want.

New levels: In every biome, you can only do the ssd up to 6 in the main story. It can easily go to finishing it completely by adding a few more levels in every biome. If Twine Peaks biome is hard to do or anything about it. You already have the biome for the 3 others. Just add a few more optional missions to every biome after you launched the rocket. Only 4-5 more pages to every biome and the game will get longer. (1 SSD per page and 3 other missions on the page)

OPEN WORLD – We need a lobby to meet, play, add a trade ui or something. That lobby being HOMEBASE. There you can see some sort of stall where your survivors are working, and the better your survivors squads are, the more survivors you see in the homebase "city" . (Every player in that lobby sees a custom number of survivors, depending on their squads). Here you can make friends to play with, chat with others. Just interactions within players, and AI interactions by seeing your survivors, ray, etc makes the game feel better.

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This game has a lot of potential, but it needs work first.


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