Heavy Base Kyle Rework Suggestion

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I understand that HBK Has dropped quite alot in terms of usability in, well.. Just about anywhere, save for low-level zones, however. I feel as though a buff, or another rework may be needed to help flesh out his perk.

I have a few suggestions in mind, (And yes. I understand I may be downvoted to heck. But i'm just voicing my thoughts on HBK, and how I could fix him. I also understand that I'm not a game developer, and that I do not have a understanding on how, or what could be done to help him.)

Option A: Simply reduce the amount of charges needed to fully charge BASE, perhaps 15, or 20 instead of the usual 30. And re-introduce his trap reloading speed.

Example – Commander Perk: 15 Charges to charge BASE, it extends out the same 5 tiles. Traps affected by Base have their reload times reduced by 50%.

Alternatively, instead of 15 charges, all kills via the base bomb should instead work towards recharging BASE.

Support team: 20/25 Charges to charge BASE. It extends out 3 tiles as before, however, affected traps have their reload times reduced by 33%.

Alternatively X2. Reduce charges, but double down on the damage, putting emphasis on the " HEAVY " in Heavy BASE Kyle.

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Option B: What if he doubled down on the idea of ' Heavy ' BASE Kyle, and perhaps, alongside his BASE perk, his ROSIE turret fires slower, however deals double the damage, or has double the ammunition.

Example – Commander Perk: HEAVY Base effect, and ROSIE is modified to fire heavier ammunition, slowing the fire rate, however doubling down on the damage.

Alternatively, Instead of damage, ROSIE fires faster, however, has more ammunition to compensate.

Alternatively X2. ROSIE is converted into either a Sniper Turret, or a Rocket Turret. (Or.. Make it into a mobile turret-mech thing. That'd be awesome.)

Alternatively X3. ROSIE now features multiple seats, allowing players to utilize multiple turrets like some kind of immobile mech. Sporting 400/500 Ammunition, however, said ammunition is shared between all players.

Option C: BASE now features a unique ' Lockdown ' Feature, where as you'll be able to temporarily add a meaty chunk of armor to it's placed tile, or make it invincible. and a single tile out from all directions. However, in doing so. It will place all BASE Functionality/perks on cooldown for.. Say 10 seconds. While the lockdown feature will be locked for a minute, or more. (Perhaps Mega BASE Kyle could extend this out a single tile further.)

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If used as a support. Lockdown will act like a diet. Functioning the same, however doubling down on the cooldowns, 20 seconds for base functionality being disabled, and 2 minutes, or even longer for the lockdown to get off cooldown.


Option A is simply re-adding functionality to HBK, and re-introducing his trap usability. However, only traps affected by BASE tiles. Or double down on the damage.

Option B is adding some sort of functionality to ROSIE. Either changing it into a Sniper Turret, Rocket Turret, or even going for a cooperative multi-turret Gatling gun. (Or.. Mobile turret-mech with 300 ammo. Adding additional incentive to use Constructors in Encampment / Resupply / Elimination Missions.)

Option C is adding a LOCKDOWN Feature to Base, allowing it to either temporarily gain a meaty amount of armor, or flat-out make a few tiles next to BASE invincible, including itself. Albeit with a cooldown preventing spam, and disabling BASE perks temporarily.


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