Help with getting better as a team (TL:DR at bottom)

Content of the article: "Help with getting better as a team (TL:DR at bottom)"

Hello! I am just looking to have a discussion about my trio and how to do better.

Here is some background/pre knowledge:

Me: KBM, 400 earnings recent, 2k fortnite tracker PR all this year.

Teammate 1: KBM, 0 earnnings, 700 PR

Teammate 2: Controller, 0 earnings, 800PR

As a trio we are not great at fighting but "endgame warriors"

The bottomline is, without my ego speaking. I carry them. I get most of the kills and as a sole Fragger I end up IGL the whole game. However, this is the issue:

Today was my final straw, after having to get off soon for IRL matters, my teammates got mad for not getting on to play trios with them. However, recalling from the summer and the previous two weeks of September, I was on the most out of all of them whether they were online or not. I would be playing creative, solo arena, etc… To get better. However, as of recent times and even during the summer, it has been of growing issues for both of my teammates. (Future reference: both teammates are out of school)

Teammate 1: It feels like its gotten to a point where this one does not even main Fortnite anymore like he should, despite his desire to get better. He wakes up early and I always see him on Valorant for multiple hours before getting off. This is while my other teammate is asleep and I am in school. Now, while we are all online, I tell them to wait a little before we play trios. This teammate gets off fortnite instead of waiting, and plays Valorant, INSTEAD of playing with my other teammate in creative which was requested. Let me face it. He is low sens. There is no problem with that until you realize his aim is worse than mine and I am on really high sens. He also has sluggish mechanics that he frequently messes up in crucial situations. Therefore, the main issue is, instead of working and being motivated to work on the one thing he REALLY NEEDS to get better, either mechanics, or simply upping sensitivity, he does not play the game at all. Creative is the way to improve mechanics fast yet he does not do it at all.

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Teammate 2: He is overall not amazing mechanically/aim wise being on controller, however has better gamesense than my teammate 1, who is on keyboard. The main issue here is yes, he does not play enough creative to up his mechanics and aim, and along with that, also does not really play unless we are doing trios. He had the ticket to switch to keyboard during the end of season 3 yet he was lazy with it and now with two weeks before FNCS, it is too late.

I know I have my own issues yes. And we have issues as a team. However, my main point is how do i bring this up to them. Do I straight up say "We can't get better if the only thing we do together is arena trios/trio scrims." If our MAIN ISSUE IN GAME is fighting, and they are not going to work on their biggest flaws, mechanics, even though they have the time to, then we will not improve.

TLDR: Both teammates have mechanics 10x worse than mine yet choose not to play/play other games rather than grinding their solo skills/mechanics in creative that WILL in turn HELP our trio as a whole in every aspect. Yes teamwork is 1000% necessary and so is communication. However, this is why people ask for earnings or placements when looking for a trio. Individual skill is IMPORTANT yet my teammates won't put time in to improve. They pretty much ONLY play when we are all on for trio arena/scrims. How should I bring this up to them because since we are all good friends, I am not sure if I should leave them

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