Hero rarity changes – only heroes with story relevance should be mythic!

As the title states, I believe only heroes with story relevance should gain the mythic rarity. This means any hero who has been featured in a story line or in the main plot should be mythic rarity. This would mess with team perks, but, they can be redistributed around.

So, here is the list!

• Master Grenadier Ramirez • Mega Base Kyle • Sword Master Ken • Phase Scout Jess

All of these heroes show up often enough in events to warrant being mythic. I’d also recommend Jonsey, Penny, Sarah, and A.C. gain a mythic variant as they too are common the the main story and quest lines.

• Steel Wool Carlos • Steel Wool Syd • Steel Wool Anthony

These characters are there throughout all of the Canny storyline, so they will keep their mythic status.

• Swashbuckler Keelhaul • Blakebeard the Blackhearted

Both of these heroes were the main focus of the Yarrrr quest line, and will probably return in the Yarrrr 2 quest line. Blackbeard stays mythic, Keelhaul gains mythic.

• Carbide • The Cloaked Star

During the blockbuster quest line, these heroes are the focus. Raven is also considered a mythic, but due to his extremely small role in that quest line, he loses his mythic status.

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• Gold Knox

Of all the current spy heroes, he is the only one that actually has a story. Bladestorm Enforcer and Rio lose their mythic status.

• Stoneheart Farrah • Fallen Love Ranger Jonsey • Anti-Cuddle Sarah

Even though all of these Springtime heroes have had quest lines dedicated to them, none are mythic.. let’s fix that!

For some reason, Wukong is a mythic. Sorry guy, you’re out.

• Crackshot • Jilly Teacup • Ted

Even though Crackshot is an immensely popular character, he remains legendary. As for Jilly and Ted, they were prominent characters in last years holiday quest line. Sorry Lynx and Zenith, as cool as you are, no more mythic for you.

Sorry Calamity, but why are you mythic?

• Arrlene Izza • Willow • Dire

I honestly forget which heroes have been apart of Fortnitemares storylines. I think Sanguine Dusk may have had a story, so someone remind me. Like Crackshot, I’m surprised willow is legendary. She too is a greatly popular character.

• Dennis Jr

An awesome hero definitely deserves the mythic status!

Goodbye Ragnarok, you have no story relevance!

• Azalea Clark

She is the main focus of the Sci Fi story. I believe Cyberclops and ED-EE were featured too, but I don’t remember to what extent. Someone remind me!

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• Paleo Luna

I believe she was important in the Dinosaur story. As much as I love you Black Knight, you are not worthy.

I hope you had a nice time reading this!


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