How do I tell my trio that they’re playing like a duo without making it awkward?

Content of the article: "How do I tell my trio that they’re playing like a duo without making it awkward?"

Last season I found a couple of guys on reddit that are pretty good, and right away I could tell that they’ve played together for a minute because of their chemistry. We have played pretty much every night since the season has started and we even made it to the semis of the FNCS Warmup.

But I’ve noticed that they’re always playing as if they wanna play FNCS Duos but they can’t because it’s trios. I’ve tried everything possible to mesh with them and fit their play style. I’ve asked them “how should I do this when X happens” a lot and I take their advice but it still doesn’t help. I don’t wanna come off as “jealous” or anything but it’s like every call I make, they ignore and only listen to each other.

This has been happening since the season started but I just said “whatever” and kept it moving because I felt us improving together. But then I started to notice how every time they come across another weapon or spare heals, they offer them to each other before me. I also noticed how anytime they call for help, I’m immediately trying to rotate to them and help them so we can win as a team. But whenever I call for help, they ignore me or say “I can’t make it” and upon my death I notice them both in the same box chilling. Even if my card is free to recover, they’ll “forget” or tell me that it’s not possible to recover. Yet I always try to get their cards even if it means my death. I’ve brought up the idea if them finding a new trio a few times but they act like they’re cool with me and they like the fit.

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Maybe I’m making too big of a deal about these things, maybe I’m being over emotional about it. I’m just looking for a way to bring it up to them without making the rest of the season awkward for us.

And I found my trio on this sub so hopefully they stumble across this post and understand. If you guys understand just type “peanut butter” in the discord. And if you don’t understand and want me out, just boot me from the server, no hard feelings.


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