How I Reached Champion Division? My Landing Spot.

Content of the article: "How I Reached Champion Division? My Landing Spot."

I like playing Fortnite, but I love coaching people and bringing the best out of them every game they play. I like to help my buddies get better at the game, and I love seeing it. As a Champion League player, I see your drop spot as one of the most important deciders of whether you'll take the Victory Royale, or go falling without any placement points. Yes, I know practically all the cash cups are over and there's no point of getting Champion League. Well, that's almost 100% wrong. As we all know, Solo and Duo Arena is coming to Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 5, but the thing that is upsetting me right now, is that many people are not getting in their much needed practice this season. On one of the most recent updates, Fortnite added Duo Arena. What I want you to do, right now, is find a suitable Duo partner for next season, and practice playing with them. By doing this you will build strong communication, good strategies, and most importantly, you'll have fun! But what I mainly wanted to talk to you guys about was my landing spot that got me to Champion League. No, I didn't participate in FNCS, but instead I analyzed FNCS. Only one duo landed at this certain landing spot during the Grand Finals of FNCS, and two games it was uncontested. But that's pros we're talking about. In your normal Arena match, this spot is 1.2% contested. Taking this into consideration, comparing this statistic to Stark Industries (22% contested) It's really not a lot. 1.2% is not even a full duo. To make it easier for you guys, 2% is one full duo. This means you are only 0.2% more likely than half to get contested. Obviously all of you guys are dying to know what this mystery drop is, and it's nothing more or less than Camp Cod. Wait, don't go away yet. I know what you're thinking."Yet another trash unnamed POI that everyone knows about." Look, this is a Reddit post. I'm not making some clickbait YouTube video about "Locations That No One Knows About!" because the truth is, anyone in the community of Competitive Fortnite knows and has been to just about every part of the Fortnite map. Yes, most of you know what Camp Cod is, and have been there. I mean, it was Tfue's old drop! But the sad truth is, this spot is forgotten. The way I see it, this is the best Duo Arena/Cash Cup drop on the map. Right now, we are going to statistically break down why this is the best Competitive Duo drop in Fortnite. First off, It's barely contested. I've already talked about this earlier in this segment, but I want to make it clear. This. Spot. Is. Not. Contested. 1.2%. That is a scarily low statistic. One of the lowest on the map. I know I've already touched on that statistic many times in this segment, but what happens when you are contested? Well, Me and my Duo partner (dmhg00) land at the warehouse side (East) made out of metal. This warehouse has 9 chests, 3 ammo boxes, 7 fishing holes, 3 fishing rods, 1 boast, and an upgrade machine. You want to then push as soon as you and your duo parter have a pump (Green or higher) and an AR (Not Burst, a Green and upgrade another green to a blue, unless you find a blue for your Duo partner). If they are taking their time, that most likely means they don't have the best loot. You can make the decision to push (which is what I would suggest) or you can take the boat past Catty Corner, and you can make the decision to loot the Quinjet if you don't have the greatest loot. One of the only con's about this drop is that you barely get zone. But that's why you have 2-3 cars and a boat at your disposal. The South and West parts of Camp Cod have less chests, but a whole lot of ammo crates. There are 2 sharks, which you can feed unneeded weapons to for the shark to turn purple, then once you kill the shark, they can drop some really good loot. With the nerf to fishing at the begging of the season, and the recent buff to fishing (which is, if you didn't know, you basically get guaranteed purple to gold pumps every game if you're lucky), the fishing holes are necessary. Rotation is quite easy here, the loot is insane, and you have a Quinjet at your disposal. This drop basically gives you a free win. Thank you for taking your time to read my tips, and you can ask me anything in the comments below.

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