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Husks and Mist Monster Weapon Set

This is a weapon set concept that is similar to the Storm King's Set, but these weapons are forged from husks or mist monsters and can be obtained from killing a large amount of certain husks/mist monsters to unlock the weapons.

These weapons have similar abilities and attacks that husks/mist monsters do when they melee attack or use a ranged attack.

These weapons can't be dropped like the SK weapons and they can't be researched. These weapons can be obtained by completing the husks/mist monsters extermination quests which require you to kill a large amount of them at a 140+ zone.

Beehive Cannon

"Shotgun: Husk Weapons – Fires beehives that causes swarms of bees to damage nearby enemies overtime and afflicts enemies with small damage for a short duration.

Deals above average damage at a average rate of fire. Great for taking out crowds of enemies. Beehives last for 3 seconds after landing on a surface."


BaseDamage: 155

HeadshotDamage: 1.25x

CritChance: 10%

CritDamage: 50%

FireRate: 1.5

MagazineSize: 15

Range: 256

Durability: 375

ReloadTime: 4

AmmoCost: 3

BaseImpact: 340

AmmoType: Shells and Slugs

Gameplay Perk: "Damage dealt to the target causes the target to be snared by 30% for 3 seconds,

and causes affliction, which deals 8% weapon damage every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds."

Lobber Bomber

"Explosive Weapon: Husk Weapons – Grenade Launcher that fires lobber bombshells and deals great damage and impact upon exploding."


BaseDamage: 275

HeadshotDamage: 1x

CritChance: 10%

CritDamage: 50%

FireRate: 1.75

MagazineSize: 6

Range: 256

Durability: 150

ReloadTime: 3

AmmoCost: 1

BaseImpact: 560

AmmoType: Rockets

Gameplay Perk: "On hit, spawn 3 smaller lobber bombshells that are able to bounce two times and cause an small damaging explosion for each bounce for 20% damage within a 0.25 tile radius. (3 seconds cooldown)"

Zapper's Revolver

"Pistol: Revolver – Husk Weapons

Mid-range revolver with a limited magazine but excellent headshot damage.

Slow and precise when aiming downsights, or can be rapidly fired from the hip for a more damaging, less accurate spray of bullets.

Can be charged for more damage and accuracy, but it cannot be fully charged for too long or it will fire on its own."


BaseDamage: 135

HeadshotDamage: 2x

CritChance: 15%

CritDamage: 75%

FireRate: 5

MagazineSize: 6

Range: 5120

Durability: 375

ReloadTime: 2.4

AmmoCost: 1

BaseImpact: 525

AmmoType: Medium Bullets

Gameplay Perk: "Charging this weapon adds a charge overtime which increases weapon damage by 20% and Weapon Stability by 25% per charge, but consumes more ammo per charge. Stacks up to a maximum of 5 charges and all stacks are removed after firing."

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Splosive Sploder Launcher

"Explosive Weapon: Husk Weapons – Rocket Launcher that fires explosive propane tanks that explode after a short time, dealing high damage and impact within a area.

Propane tanks dropped from Sploders can be picked up and be used as ammo for this weapon."


BaseDamage: 525

HeadshotDamage: 1x

CritChance: 10%

CritDamage: 50%

FireRate: 1.5

MagazineSize: 12

Range: 256

Durability: 150

ReloadTime: 3.5

AmmoCost: 3

BaseImpact: 585

AmmoType: Rockets

Gameplay Perk: "Upon exploding, spawn a damaging shockwave that deals 25% weapon damage and knockbacks nearby enemies within a 1 tile radius."

Riot Husky's Shield

"Hardware: Husk Weapons – Hardware weapon that capable of bashing enemies back with great damage and impact. Reduces damage taken from the front when attacking. Shield Charge – Heavy attack that charges you forward which causes enemies to be knocked back and deals increased damage and impact."


BaseDamage: 82

CritChance: 20%

CritDamage: 50%

AttackSpeed: 0.67

Durability: 375

BaseImpact: 343

HeavyAttackCost: 40

Gameplay Perk: "While using this weapon, increase Armor by 50 while taking damage from the front of the shield. (Does not stack)

After using a heavy attack with this weapon, increase Weapon Damage by 25% and Weapon Impact by 50% for 3 seconds. (Does not stack)"

Pitcher Bone Rifle

"Assault Rifle: Husk Weapons – Assault rifle that fires pitcher bones which deals excellent damage with a slow rate of fire. Holding down sights can maintain accuracy and reduce recoil when firing."


BaseDamage: 42

HeadshotDamage: 1.5x

CritChance: 15%

CritDamage: 75%

FireRate: 7.5

MagazineSize: 40

Range: 5120

Durability: 375

ReloadTime: 2.6

AmmoCost: 1

BaseImpact: 32

AmmoType: Light Bullets

Gameplay Perk: "Landing 5 shots in a row on a single target causes 4 additional damaging bones to seek nearby targets for 25% weapon damage."

Smasher's Arm

"Club: Mist Monster Weapons – Smasher's Arm, forged into a heavy club thats capable of smashing your foes.

(Ground) Charging Smash: – Heavy attack that make you charge at your enemies, dealing high damage and massive knockback."

(Air) Slam Smash: – Heavy attack that causes you to slam the ground in front of you, damaging and knocking back nearby enemies within a 0.5 tile radius.


BaseDamage: 96

CritChance: 20%

CritDamage: 75%

AttackSpeed: 0.825

Durability: 375

BaseImpact: 594

HeavyAttackCost: 40

Gameplay Perk: "Hitting an enemy empowers Smasher Smash which causes a charged shockwave on target hit that deals 100% weapon impact damage and knockbacks nearby targets within a 0.25 tile radius.

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Stacks up to 5 times, increasing weapon impact damage by 20% and the radius of Smasher Smash by 100% with each stack.

All stacks are removed on using Charging Smash or switching weapons."

Eye Laser Blaster

"Sniper Rifle: Automatic – Mist Monster Weapons. Fires an accurate, continuous beam of energy that maintains damage and accuracy over long ranges. Has near-perfect accuracy and low recoil when aiming downsights."


BaseDamage: 48

HeadshotDamage: 2x

CritChance: 20%

CritDamage: 50%

FireRate: 5

Range: 10,240

Durability: 375

BaseImpact: 125

HeatCapacity: 100

HeatGeneration: 4

CoolingSpeed: 40

OverheatCooldown: 2.5

AmmoCost: 1

AmmoType: Energy Cells

Gameplay Perk: "Consecutive hits can increase Fire Rate by 11% and Weapon Damage by 7% for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Switching targets or switching weapons removes all stacks.

While holding down sights, increase Weapon Stability by 60% and Fire Rate by 20%."

The Flinger

"Scythe: Mist Monster Weapons – A fairly quick scythe with higher than average impact and excellent knockback potential.

(Ground) Flinger Throw – Heavy spin-slash attack that deals increased impact damage and extreme knockback to enemies in front of you.

(Air) Leap Attack: Heavy attack that jumps to the targeted foe and damages and knocks down nearby enemies."


BaseDamage: 86

CritChance: 15%

CritDamage: 50%

AttackSpeed: 0.58

Durability: 375

BaseImpact: 288

HeavyAttackCost: 30

Gameplay Perk: "Hitting a enemy empowers Charged Fling to cause a high impact attack, dealing 125% of weapon impact damage and 150% weapon knockback. Stacks up to 5 times, increasing weapon impact by 20% and knockback by 20% with each stack.

All stacks are removed on using Flinger Throw or switching weapons."

Soul Taker

"Sword: Mist Monster Weapons. An extremely fast swing speed gives this blade great sustained damage, but minimal stagger potential.

This weapon is capable of having life leech which heals you each time you deal damage to enemies.

(Ground) Taker Strike: Warp to the targeted enemy, dealing heavy damage.

(Air) Swoop Attack: Heavy attack that make you charge towards the targeted enemy, dealing devastating damage and knockback."


BaseDamage: 74

CritChance: 10%

CritDamage: 50%

AttackSpeed: 0.41

Durability: 375

BaseImpact: 92

HeavyAttackCost: 30

Gameplay Perk: "Dealing damage with this weapon can regain 6% of damage dealt over 3 seconds as health. Hitting an enemy with this weapon can additionally grants +1% Life Leech and +2% Damage for 3 seconds,

Stacks up to 10 times."

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Smasher Bashing

Eliminate Smashers in a 140+ zone (0/50)

Smasher Mini-bosses Eliminated in a 140+ zone (0/2)

Reward: Smasher's Arm

Blasting the Blasters

Eliminate Blasters in a 140+ zone (0/500)

Sniper Rifle Eliminations in a 140+ zone (0/1000)

Reward: Eye Laser Blaster

Stake and Taker

Eliminate Takers in a 140+ zone (0/400)

Melee Weapon Eliminations in a 140+ zone (0/1000)

Reward: Soul Taker

It's High Noon

Eliminate Zappers in a 140+ zone (0/1000)

Pistol Eliminations in a 140+ zone (0/1000)

Reward: Zapper's Revolver

Swarm of Beehive Husks

Eliminate Beehive Lobbers in a 140+ zone (0/600)

Eliminate Beehive Husks in a 140+ zone (0/1200)

Reward: Beehive Cannon

Explosive Sploders

Eliminate Sploders in a 140+ zone (0/500)

Explosive Weapon Eliminations in a 140+ zone (0/1000)

Reward: Splosive Sploder Launcher

Pitching a Homerun

Eliminate Pitchers in a 140+ zone (0/750)

Club Eliminations in a 140+ zone (0/500)

Reward: Pitcher Bone Rifle

Clobber Lobbers

Eliminate Bombshell Lobbers in a 140+ zone (0/300)

Shotgun Eliminations in a 140+ zone(0/1000)

Reward: Lobber Bomber

Fling and Slam

Eliminate Flingers in a 140+ zone (0/200)

Heavy Attack Eliminations in a 140+ zone (0/500)

Reward: The Flinger

Shield Huskies

Eliminate Riot Husks in a 140+ zone (0/600)

Shieldiers/Super Shielders Eliminated in a 140+ zone (0/300)

Reward: Riot Husky's Shield


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