I hate the turtle heal meta with a passion

Content of the article: "I hate the turtle heal meta with a passion"

At one point in time, I recall the state of this sub being "shields don't even exist in this game". Oh the turntables. I'm actually starting to miss S6 when the only gun that you needed was an SMG because at least creative warriors weren't so enabled. That was a better meta.

The amount of heals in this game right now overall is insane just to start. You could take fish out of the game entirely and there would still be too many. Then, there's the time to heal which is even worse. There are way too many instant heal items and it has completely trashed the meta imo. Half the time I die in a box fight, I completely cracked their shields at least once and probably did white damage too, only for them to 90 up in brick or metal, turtle and *mini* *mini* *splash* *splash* *splash* *splash* or maybe even the awesome *bwoomph* of a med bazooka. Then I crack their shields when I finally get into their metal castle and they rinse, repeat. And the people who do this are normally absolute trash, too and it's obvious because they barely take shots at you and instead focus on trying to out-build you like it's a 1v1 where mats aren't a variable. When they do take shots, they're barely hitting you because their aim is nonexistent but don't worry, they'll get 20 opportunities (because they'll heal over and over again) to do 20 with a pump so they'll get me eventually once I run out of mats. `If they have 0 ping I'll never get in their brick/metal walls or they'll back out with a ramp and returtle. And if I do have ping advantage, they'll impulse us in the opposite direction as I get in their box to finish them. Just when we inevitably get third partied because we've been fighting for a solid minute as they go through all 1500 mats they had because they hid the whole game looting while I've already fought five other people, they just impulse away. Or the airbag thing. Leaving me weak and without mats to deal with the ass hole who's got full health shield and mats. It should be very hard to get ANY heals off in the middle of a fight and minis or bandies should it. Remember the days when people thought slurp juice was OP? 2 tick gradual heal. Same with fires. But now you can carry 12 splashes in 2 slots and heal until you're out and instantly bounce away.

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Thanks for listening, f epic and f marvel.

PS: for the morons who come here to say I just need to get gud, I have no problem winning most fights. I just hate how I have to kill people two or three times because of how easily they can get away, turtle and heal.


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