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I got a ban on fortnite for exploits. That's what the game told me. I got a 24 hour ban and i messaged epic about it and they said we cant tell you anything about why or how. So i waited my 24 hours. And jumped into a battle labs game to do some fishing. Within the time it took to load in and start my jump i got kicked again. Got another message that i was getting a 7 day ban i messaged epic again telling them i needed to know what i do for a 7 day ban. After arguing with epic i finally got a hint at what they said i did "you are using a third party software, or hacking" I have been playing STW from like the first month i have had no problems with epic and i love the game i have spent so much on that account (Dm me to find out if you really want to know only for Magyst). i am an end gamer in Stw i carry people to and through Msk. why would i cheat to get something that i have. The other thing is i got all 100 Tiers of the battle pass because i don't like pvp if you look at any of the videos of me playing i cant build and shot. If i was using a third party software do you really think i wouldn't be a master builder and win every game i play. You really think that i would just now start hacking or using a third person software i have like 40 people backing me up that will say that i have never hacked or even cheated. I started playing br this battle pass because i love wolverine and i wanted his skin. This is my first time even having any problems with epic and i don't understand why after i said that i was not cheating and 40 others say that i don't cheat epic would still think i was cheating. I don't understand why we cant just accept what people say. I am learning to be a computer programmer in college. I don't know if one of the programs i have for classes had an effect on epic but i don't think it should. I'm really trying to get my account back and epic support is doing nothing for me i have been fighting with them for 3 days now i'm getting really tired of not doing anything but waiting on an email for the support people to say we cant do anything. I love my clan EVe . I love the people that still play Stw. u/magyst

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