I just had the worst yet most satisfying STW experience ever.

I’m page 7/19 in Canney Valley so I didn’t think players like these made it out of Stonewood.

I join in the middle of an Evacuate the Shelter mission in hopes that I could complete a main quest. Two kids who were likely no older than 12 had already set up their well-protected base with traps and such. (I wasn’t using a mic the whole time while the two kids were, mind you.)

Before I could go and collect items for my main quest, one of them approaches me and tries to box me in an attempt to trade, mentioning that I “look like I might have 130’s.” despite the fact we were all around PL 50.

Since I don’t trade in this game at all I just edited the wall and left the box. Obviously he didn’t take too kindly to this so he got his friend to continuously keep me boxed in without letting me leave. If it was just one of them maybe I could’ve escaped to find the diary pages for a quest, but with two of them constantly placing and holding pieces around me there was nothing I could do. The two kids kept giggling about “boxing me in like a fish” and were continuously referring to me as “kid” or “this monkey” while Laugh It Up emoting.

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This went on for the entire period before the mission started, with me escaping a box and then immediately getting boxed in by the two of them. I was extremely frustrated with this behavior, I wasn’t trying to play a Creative match and waste my mats for f***’s sake.

When the horde finally came to attack the shelter, they finally stopped to go defend the base. Frustrated about the whole experience, I decided to get a bit of revenge.

I sabotaged every wall, trap, and defense they set up. Legendary traps destroyed, walls edited open, etc. Husks were pouring in and every bit of the Shelter Health meter that depleted was more satisfying than finding a Gold Scar from a chest. I was determined to fail the mission.

One of the kids was afk thankfully, which made the job much easier. One of the kids continuously whined and screamed over me continuously opening every wall while continuing to call me a monkey. Being able to keep a wall open by holding my edit while he kept attempting to take control of it was pure schadenfreude.

After laying out the red carpet for the Husks and being greeted with the Defeat screen, the kids were whining on their way out. This was probably the only time I wish I owned the Laugh emote.

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I really hate what the current Fortnite community is like now.


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