I think it’s incredibly stupid that from level 22 to 100, 3 weekly challenges won’t even give you 1 level.

Content of the article: "I think it’s incredibly stupid that from level 22 to 100, 3 weekly challenges won’t even give you 1 level."

Why are you continually making the Weekly challenges more and more worthless as the season's continue?

Back in Chapter 1 we were guaranteed 5 tiers at least from each week of challenges. And a majority of the time we were getting more than that thanks to secret tiers hidden in loading screens.

In Chapter 2 Season 1, the season began with weekly challenges giving a pitiful 14,000 XP each. This literally meant that it took 5 challenges to not even complete 1 level. This did get fixed however with each challenge giving 52,000 XP from week 3 onward. And also, please remember we got Overtime Challenges at the end of the season which gave even more XP.

In Chapter 2 Season 2, we were getting 10 weekly challenges instead of the usual 7, but each rewarded us with 40,000 XP, meaning completing all 10 in a week gave us 5 levels/tiers. We also got the Location Domination challenges near the end of the season.

In Chapter 2 Season 3, challenges went back to 7 per week, but also only gave us 35,000 XP per challenge. This meant that completing 2 challenges left us needing another 10,000 XP in order to level up. Not a big problem, but this also meant we got just barely more than 3 levels (3 levels were 240,000 XP while the challenges gave you 245,000) per week of challenges. However, this season also introduced the Punch Card and Quick Challenge system, which provided a near-infinite amount of XP, however at the cost of requiring higher amounts of grinding and playtime.

Now, in Chapter 2 Season 4, where levels 22 to 100 still need 80,000 XP to be achieved, challenges are only giving us 25,000 XP. 3 challenges aren't even enough for 1 level now. There is always the 1 team challenge now, but let's be honest, it just substitutes as an 8th weekly challenge because it only gives double the XP of 1 challenge. The Punch card and Quick Challenge system also went through changes, with Punches rewarding 1,000 XP more and Quick Challenges rewarding 400 XP less (as well as 4,000 less for daily QC's).

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So let's math this out – we get 8 challenges per week awarding 25,000 XP each, and we need 80,000 XP for 1 level. Completing a week's worth of challenges gives us 200,000 XP. 3 levels require 240,000 XP. A week's worth of challenges does not even reward us with 3 levels.

Why do you keep making the XP gain worse and worse as the season's continue? I understand we have the Quick Challenge and Punch Card system, but at this point why do we even have Weekly Challenges? And to even have these systems match the amount of XP we were getting during the first 2 seasons, they both require much longer periods of time played, and the tasks they require of you become almost monotonous at a point due to doing them over, and over, and over again.

Weekly challenges feel more like a hassle to complete for a measly bump in progress rather than something rewarding us for completing it. You want us to play more and more by rewarding those who reach higher and higher levels with exclusive styles for the Battle Pass skins, but continue to make that harder and harder to achieve. Not everyone is able to play Fortnite for hours upon hours a day, especially when school is set to start in a matter of weeks.

I would like it if the weekly challenges could be fixed. What used to feel like a task that rewarded you substantially for the amount of work you put into completing it, now feels like something that's near worthless because the reward does not match the work asked of it. I'd also like to know why you continue to make the weekly challenge system feel worse and worse every single season. Do you have plans to just rid of it entirely come next season? Because that's honestly what it feels like you plan to do.

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