Ideas on getting better other than edit/build courses?

Content of the article: "Ideas on getting better other than edit/build courses?"

I'm a long time Fortnite PC player but recently started getting more serious about actually getting better. I've been playing since Season 1 but my son who is 7yo loves Fortnite and it has really energized me to play and get better. I'm definitely not as good as most of you on here. I'm basically a mid-high contender arena mode player.

When I started actually trying to get better I would grind 90's and ramps to try and get better at building. What I found out is that no matter how much I grind in practice, I'm never really good at using those practice skills in the heat of the moment. I've found that by far the way I've improved the most is just playing creative 1v1 build fights. I have to get to the point where I'm not thinking about what I want to do, I just need to do it. For me, that only comes after tons of practice.

I find that when I'm trying to use specific builds in the heat of a fight (ramps/90's/etc) I have no flow at all. However, when I'm just not thinking about how to build I'm so much better. I basically started as a spam-builder but I'm definitely getting better and more refined. I pretty good at high ground retakes, and blocking players with walls/ramps.

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I think I'm at a point where I need to start working on my editing skills. Right now I'm limited to basically a window or quick door or triangle edit to get out of a box. I'm pretty good at editing out of a ramp after I harry-potter myself. I have the mouse-wheel double bind to reset my edit, I feel very comfortable with that now. I've tried a bunch of edit courses and I just can never really translate that skill to a real game. I'm not even close to being at the point where I can "take a wall" from another player. Sure I can do it mechanically but I'm just not fast enough yet.

I can do pretty well in build fights but any box-fight or zonewars and I just always get destroyed.

I think that the way I learn best is to practice 1 thing in creative build fighting and then focus on that for a good hour. IE: I kept harry-pottering myself and I spent a long time learning to edit out of it and now I can do it super fast.

Can anyone point me in the right direction about maybe 1 or 2 really important edits at my skill level that I could start to practice? I know I'm a long long way, I just want to continue to get better.


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