It’s a controversial topic

Content of the article: "It’s a controversial topic"

The community responds u/magyst (topic) with down votes and arguments as strange as their inability to kill a smasher and the modifiers that make the mission difficult, others ask to increase the 5-star material ratio as if that were the solution to avoid playing AFK, other arguments so bad how Epic wants the game to die or endgame players are going to leave the game

10 months ago they made improvements in the damage of many weapons, some shotguns were benefited and are effective to kill smashers quickly and accurately

Weapons list

Modifiers are to increase the difficulty, adding a risk factor for the mission

Increasing the 5-star materials may be a solution, but you have to consider that after wave 15 the game is about stun and recycle, the same happens in missions 160, it does not mean that the husk do not die or that they cannot be killed after wave 15 but it costs a bit more to kill husk

The game is not going to die as some people believe and endgame players eventually stop playing but it has little to do with the changes in difficulty

But there are several points that nobody considers, for example the Jails were used before the change in the Meta, the C4 were built in a cross occupying 4 floor launchers, you could do an ETS covering the shelter with wall launchers and floor launchers, The RTDs they were also made like cross. Then all the missions could be played without killing husk, over time the construction evolved, simplifying and economizing the use of traps, until what we know today.

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The problem is popularity and use in public sessions. But the biggest problem is the leeches and that is a real problem, people who enter a mission just to farm or who sit still doing the minimum so that the AFK system does not kick them, and that is the point to solve, low scores They should not count towards weekly missions, much less deliver any type of reward.


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